Acer ASPIRE E5-573G-34KJ

- Core processor: Haswell


Oct 2, 2014 by

Long dreamed to buy a laptop, used discopop with 2 Gigs of RAM vidyuhi 64 MB. Long chose the Internet. read user reviews, and came to the choice I bought a laptop Acer Aspire E-570G. It cost 21,000 rubles in Eldorado. Not very conventional thought of Windows 8, though there is a work Desk. A lot of software from Acer crammed into the laptop. Laptop pleased with its performance - but in the world of tunxi brakes at maximum settings. But I think for the money would expect better. For energy saving is disabled 740M graphics card? and the work is on integrated graphics. 2 months of deficiencies were found. I advise everyone

Sep 23, 2014 by

Ideal for working in programs such as 3D max,photoshop, autocad and other...if you don't overdo it!Not slowing down, well drawn graphics program, included 10 seconds! it pleases, Windows 8.0 is not finalized,but in General,it can be used,besides there is a standard desktop!Matte monitor happy,no glare, great for drawings!Annoying that the column is at the bottom, should always on a hard surface ,for example ,I love on your lap,or on the sofa to lay down the laptop, not very convenient!Not quite like the keyboard, but it's not for everybody! I somehow hard to press the buttons! But it's more my structure is to blame ,I guess.There is no office! empty. You can all download and install the most of course,but I would like to have things on a platter with the purchase!Under heavy load quickly heats up!Overall, I am satisfied, very good laptop.Suggest to buy laptop bag, laptop table for laptop and wireless modem

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