ASUS ZenFone 2 ZE551ML 16Gb Ram 4Gb

- The amount of internal memory: 16 GB

- OS version: Android 5.0

- Housing type: classic

- Dimensions (Shmht): 77.2x152.5x10.9 mm

- The camera: 13 million pixels., led flash

- Headphone Jack: 3.5 mm


Jan 6, 2016 by

The smartphone also 2 weeks. To put it mildly, "sooo happy"!!! Needed easy Smartek with a good camera - all this I now have such a high quality that even didn't expect... Pros:+ screen - words can not convey, large (5.5 in), bright and clear, the sun all is visible, the brightness can be automated, will vary depending on the charge and lighting+ menu adapts to yourself, often have to dive into pley-market, pumped a bunch of convenient apps I need, like Daily, SDA, Fitness trainer and a women's Lunar calendar is preset, but I did not come. Wallpaper, background, color, font size, backgrounds - everything changes.+ calls, perfectly audible to me and too perfect. To record and view contacts as something unusual, but nothing. Contact icons can be put on the main screen and two taps to call my mom. Handy thing that during a call the screen goes off, but when the conversation is finished, you turn the screen to face him and activated so that it remains only to click on the red tube to disconnect. Samsung, for example, is blocked during a call, so that then need to double tap on the screen and then the red tube is long. Thus, I end the conversation first, which deprives the source of the ability to overhear discussions of the call, type "well, what did he say?"+ indicator of missed calls and other events - flashing green light next to the selfie camera - convenient.+ the screen is switched on / off by double tap, you can enable the glove mode" - the screen sensitivity is increased, I have it always enabled, misses one out of ten.+ the camera is a separate issue. Very very pleased with the camera, with its numerous modes and program processing photos well the excellent level of performance and convenience! and it is also possible to glue the photo in the video with the overlay of music, text! for girls or moms with kids - they just love it. Frame on the nature The approach on the screen for evaluation-definition The same frame on the computer+ sits in the hand perfectly, even manage to block with one hand, but my fingers are long.+ I have no charge live 3 days with moderate use.Many more advantages, but it should be clear that have tried their best analogues of 10-15 thousand rubles more expensive. Night scene Macro Mode: focus on the center - blurred braminus:- the screen stated super strong "gorilla eye" nonsense. Once I dropped the phone and now 2 small scratches, I think to glue a protective film.- bulky for pockets where his summer place, I'll never know. Will delay any dress.- the sound is not very loud, and some ringtones without the bells you missed the call.- accustomed for many years to catalcam volume on the side and here on the back - relearn hard, and the camera can slap.- on the back of the phone is better not to put, glass the camera sticks out and can scratch, help out a cover-bumper - ordered already.- the back is made of plastic, I have color, of course, GOLD. Smotritsa cool, but you Scarpetta, I think, again hope for bumper.As you can see, the cons are quite solvable, so points for them are not lower. Smartphone recommend to those who do not mind to spend about 17-19 thousand rubles, buying in fact better than many phone, including IPhones. HDR

Nov 7, 2015 by

capacious battery, powerful processor 4-core 64 bit, good camera, good screen

Good day!The phone was bought yesterday, was very pleased, thanks to the consultant who helped select the first wanted to buy htc with similar specs, but for 10 thousand more (!)Pros:- Price . As Asus has only just come onto the mobile devices market, prices on smartphones pleasing, similar phones of well-known brands are 10-15 thousand more.- Camera. Great camera of 13 MP! Later, add photos - Battery. Holds well enough if you read the reviews on the flagship of this series, mostly all swear on the battery, the smart phone, but it quickly eats up a charge. so why pay more? I'm not a fan of mobile games and for me the important battery. in active use, holds a charge longer than a day!- The screen is just wow. the only thing that confused - the phone is a large 5.5 inches, compared to my Samsung with 4 inches, just a shovel. Get used to it ^^ and no button illumination, which is inconvenient when surfing the Internet at night.Appearance I don't particularly like it, bought mainly because of the toppings, is the latest Android smart. a lot of pre-installed applications. there is a very useful function of transferring contacts and applications via bluetouth. still have not figured out how to transfer whatsup >

Jun 24, 2015 by

Good time of day!!!Immediately ask not to judge strictly, write about the technique the first time, but I'd like to share impressions of the new products from ASUS. I have a model ze551ml 16GB with FullHD screen has a younger model ze551ml 16GB with HD screen, the difference in screen is palpable. Models ze551ml 32GB and 64GB have 4 gig of RAM, and I have 2. About the technical specifications will not tell, will share their personal experiences.The casing is made perfect. No squeaks, not moving, insert SIM card, and their 2 (which is a huge plus for me) proved to be problematic, the lid very hard to open. Rear panel made of metal is better than metal. I had a metal Lenovo K900, scraped up a week of careful use. Beveled edges make it visually thinner in the hand phone is convenient and reliable. The volume key below the camera is perfect, though borrowed from LG, solution. The smartphone does not need to intercept, to reach, which reduces the risk of it falling. The screen quality is good, many said that the screen is dark, but enough for me, in the settings auto, is sometimes included bright mode. Lock/unlock with two taps on the screen - very handy thing! The charge lasts for a day, if you do not hold maximum lived with me for 2.5 days.The camera is also pleased with how the front and main. Example the photo will not be since their website is still save. For performance I have no comment, the phone is very fast, but in games I do not play, how things are with them can not say.Of the minuses I note that the frame around the screen is not the most subtle, the size is even bigger Samsung Note 3, although Note the screen is 5.7" and 5.5 ASUS". Touch keys are not illuminated in the darkness at first is not convenient. And a couple of times after leaving programs a little froze up, app icons and widgets appear in a few seconds.To sum up I can say that the phone I am very happy, considering that analogues of the main rivals significantly more expensive.

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