ATLANT 6001-000

- The total amount: 367 l

- The number of cameras: 2

- Color / Material coating: white / plastic


Dec 17, 2012 by

The parents of this refrigerator have 8 years worth is true. I have 4.5 years without breakdowns. After the wedding, when it came to purchasing the refrigerator, I immediately said - I do not need another just like this - with a mirror as my mom's!!! "Inside" atlantasky refrigerators like everything. Freezer 3 shelves, of course I would like the freezer more, but I just freezer save))) Defrost after about half a year. No problems, and the appearance can only be happy - fancy, stylish, beautiful. Only positive emotions, and if there is more and the products themselves multiply - prices used it was not!

Mar 7, 2011 by

roomy, has a mirror, lots of shelves

big knobs, large grille in the freezer

This refrigerator bought 3 years ago, lived at that time in the hostel. Long chose what is best. In each version I find that it is not satisfied. When I saw Atlas with mirror, realized that it was best for me. The large mirror we did not exist, and to see yourself in full view Oh, how I wanted. Externally, the fridge is nice, only one drawback - the large protruding handles, which I was at first hit. (Although now that my daughter grew up, these handles save: I'm in the kitchen cooking, and she stands, holding one hand on the handle and the other touches the magnets) Fridge is large, roomy, lots of shelves which can be placed in a convenient position. Shelves on the doors can also be rearranged as you like. Only fragile female hands with it can hardly cope. I rearranged shelves husband. In the freezer 3 large shelves. They are roomy. But again, drawback: very large grill and bag to freeze is not very convenient, need this bag to be put on a Board or something like that.

Oct 27, 2009 by

I myself live in Belarus and I can say that we have most people's home refrigerators the company "Atlant". When we got a new apartment, it became a question about buying a new refrigerator. Mark "Atlas" has been tested by time, but I didn't like the fact that they all have models of similar design. But in one of the shops I saw a fridge with a mirror and it's impressed me. We bought it. It is very fitted in the interior of our kitchen and the first time it was the only mirror in the whole apartment. Technical characteristics it is not inferior to more expensive models of foreign production, the freezer defrosting is not necessary. Also very rich in content and domestic utensils, namely, shelves, 2 containers for vegetables, 2 egg-tray, capacity for bottles, oiler, side shelves of different sizes. Very happy with the choice.

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