ATLANT 6025-080

- The total amount: 384 l

- The number of cameras: 2

- Color / Material coating: silver / plastic/metal

- Climate class: SN, ST


Oct 21, 2014 by

On purchase of the refrigerator we thought after the baby is born. Before that we was small with a tiny freezer. Decided to buy a large freezer in order to freeze fruits and vegetables your child for the winter. Fridge happy, we live in a small room in a hostel and the fridge respectively, we have in the room. So it is completely silent when switched on, a feeling that rushing water. It seems to me that the CPU is in the computer makes a noise louder. Place in the fridge much freezer, too big, but we still miss her. The only thing don't like is that when the refrigerator door does not hold, i.e. it opens, it opens in something until you are rested. the first time forgot that the door should hold, and accordingly we have on the door now dents. And freezer opens on the contrary is very tight to open it you need to make the effort.And the response time signal when the door is open is triggered too quickly, I even pot do not have time to get it, and he already begins to twang. But in General, the refrigerator is wonderful, we are very happy with them.

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