BaByliss E960E i-Pro 45

- Beard trim: there

- Number of nozzles: 11

- Number of length settings: 50


Mar 21, 2016 by

the quality is great, not heavy, perfect cuts any hair, easy even for Amateurs, easy to hold in hand

absolutely useless attachments

Hello dear friends, today we will talk about clipper hair babyliss Pro 45.Since I am a master at keratin straightening, the parallel makes the girls polishing of hair, i.e. bought for this purpose. Well, to cut a young man.As soon as I opened the box, the package is of course impressed,I was pleasantly surprised. And a lot of nozzles for different lengths, scissors, a brush, and oil, and of course the typewriter with a cord, overall very pleased. But the joy did not last long...we Put on the nozzle, and began to cut the young man. To say that there was a antenna, this is to say nothing...just pieces of hair. She almost did not cut...I was Thinking about running to return to the store. Then into my head came the idea that maybe the nozzle is bad.Themselves nozzles are not adjacent to the blade.Are very far away from him, and the hairs with the blade not even in contact...M,H proposed to remove the nozzle and cut at 3 mm(this is the largest possible length without attachments)....And here I sighed quietly. Trimmed perfectly. No anten. The hairs do not cling. Quickly everything. In General, I calmed down)to cut at a different length more, you just need to buy a good nozzle. And these to throw out and not remember about them)the Machine is on AC power and battery. Charge, as described in the instructions, about 16 hours. It's certainly not very convenient, as the machine I use every day. Running on battery without interruption for about 30 min.....then, barely move the blade...Well, you can always connect to a wall outlet and work with a cord)Summing up, I can recommend this machine, great option, but with other bits,of course) and Buy you will not regret)

Sep 17, 2015 by

the quality is excellent, comfortable even for Amateurs

lacks battery charge indicator

Good day!I want to share experiences from the use of hair clippers of hair.Did you know that among the barbers there is a superstition not to cut her husband or someone, cut myself, or cut the money to take!?Based on past experience, chose a machine with a battery, since the stationary cord is impeding the work. Long time studying reviews and features. For me it is the best option bought in yulmart for 2840 RUB. Technical characteristicsit Cornybacterium case of Plasticamente housing Ergonomic corpusto ustroystvami clipper volosti of operation of the engine Vibrationsrinne of a knife, mm 45 blades Stainless salmenkallio hair length, mm 3 hair length, mm 25 change hair length, mm 3 From the battery, From sethurama of continuous battery life, minutes 30 the battery is full, (h) 16ыы, mm 180 x 50 x 40 weight, grams 225 Seven nozzles from 3 to 25 cm step changes the length of hair 3 cm sheared hair falling around the cars, not scratching the skin when cutting without nozzle. For children ideal, very pleased that immediately without charge to proceed with the haircut.If you hold the blades with your finger you can cut yourself, very sharp. Scissors are quality, there are lubricating oil and brush for cleaning cars.Opinion I'll add, if there are any nuances at work. To buy recommend good shopping!

Oct 19, 2014 by

50 (!) positions length haircuts, the quality is excellent, case, excellent ergonomic design, convenient even for Amateurs

For my husband to go to the hairdresser was a really big deal. Going postrichsya it is usually month and a half. In General, when the pull longer, then went.Not to torment him entry to the master, I had decided to buy a clipper. All that concerns the technique for the hair, here's my opinion that you need to get the equipment manufacturers understand a lot about this field, manufacturers producing equipment for the pros.Long rojdeniya on Yandex the market, the choice fell on Babyliss E960E. In my humble opinion this is the most functional machine and so worth the money. And of course I bribed the carrying case included. Page device on the official website Babyliss, as well as reviews and the price for me.market (for the half year rose by about 1000...). Convenient kasvot is the case in the expanded form: All under rucogoza don't know where to start... there is everything! 8 bits length, 2 beveled on the area behind the ears, head use the machine as a trimmer (Yes, even the beard can be cut!), comb, scissors, cleaning brush blades, power adapter, lubricating oil. All laborrelated is a miracle from the mains and from the battery. There is a charge indicator. In a working state indicator charging accumulatore this machine as the manufacturer says as many as 50 levels length haircuts (a combination of lever lengths and attachments). And what else is needed to create a smooth transition on the hair? Control arm length, digging vklyucheniya in hand... mmm... just a song - notches on the handle and the button will not allow it to slide in the hand. Works in moderately noisy. Lesviana a year and a half never been oiled yet. Works great.Was purchased in February 2013 at a price of 3140 rubles. Someone seems expensive. But! If you count how much a man spends on a haircut for a year (and if the beard cuts...), it turns out that the price pays for itself in a year and a half. I would say it is very profitable! The price for February 2013, godado purchase of this unit is a clipper, I never in hands did not hold, that did not stop me pretty well cut. Mothers of sons and wives of such husbands as I advise you to buy necessary thing in the economy, the degree of "usefulness" is comparable to a Hairdryer.And finally, my hair is a masterpiece Haircut :-P

Nov 5, 2013 by

Clipper BaByliss E950E PRO 45 we bought in order to cut our little children at home. My husband, who has extensive experience with a variety of clippers (different cuts of relatives), said that will not save, and we chose the most expensive and functional of those that were at that time in the store. With the first machine, we were not very lucky. She stopped working in first use (probably there was a marriage), and secondly, serves us for a long time, and we are very happy with her.Included was the typewriter, 8 attachments clippers + 1 for beard, cleaning brush, oil, scissors and comb. The machine is very compact, lightweight, comfortable in the hand. Can work both from the mains and from the battery.Fix car 45 positions that allow you to take haircuts of different lengths. But of course, we are not professionals and all attachments not in use.The machine runs quietly, cuts quickly and efficiently. Children do not have time to get tired during the haircut.The husband, who, again, experience a significant, said that this is the best machine of those that he held in his hands.

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