BaByliss ST27E

- Type: tongs

- The maximum heating temperature: 210 ° C


May 10, 2013 by

rapid heating of the plates, there is a stand

only 4 temperature, narrow plate

The rectifier seemed to me the most usual, no worse and no better than others, I enjoyed them for a year and a half, but not often, all the time maybe 10 times total, but that did not stop me to learn all its positive and negative sides. Cons - fixed values of temperatures, you can only select from the preset values, the average between 205 and 230 degrees is not the(( Plates narrow, it is necessary to take a very thin spun so well they straighten. The pros - heats up pretty quickly, ceramic plates, complete rug, which you can use and store the device, and which can be placed during use. In General, the rectifier is good, can recommend.

Nov 7, 2012 by

rapid heat plates * temperature

I don't straighten hair. Finally I understand how it hurts volosin)And I used to straighten almost every day, though at the lowest temperature (for fine hair) and at first, even with thermal protection http://irecommend.ru/content/spirtovaya-zashchita-ot-voskhishcheniya-vol... . Thermal protection is true, she even helped my Ironing to finish off the hair.Well, first I kind of didn't realize how spoiled they are, only after a year it became obvious. Now almost a year does not straighten the hair, which for the time industry is much healthier look, smoother, and all things. And once a friend straightened my hair and put the most hellish regime, and left. I didn't notice. After a week noticed that hair specifically became worse, think "what's the deal? O. o" he looked and there mode to the max...So I threw the iron, because whatever it was gold (this ceramic, should be good, actually) and gentle, hair, sun care spoil, even if you use a thermal protection. Imagine how you burn your hair if the skin to touch, at once "Ah! hot!". And hair what?)So I do not advise. Neither this, nor do any other pad)

Mar 30, 2012 by

wet & dry use, quick heating plates, many modes of temperature, it is not dirty

short cord

The rectifier polzuyus more than a year...... and while it has not have any kids. I chose it for several reasons:1. Manufacturer as a professional (ie salons and hairdressers use the products of this company)2. The ceramic plates of the straightener, which in itself is a huge plus (hair not so much damaged, compared to conventional "irons")3. At the base of the "Flatiron" is a rotating cord (the same cord when hair does not get twisted)4. There at the base there is a loop that allows you to suspend (remove) the rectifier after work (or during work) on a hook or other convenient place, etc. 5. There are many temperature modes (allows the user to choose "a" mode, starting from the condition of the hair)6. Can be used on wet hair (to save time - very GOOD)7. There is a "TURBO" mode. (straightener heats up in seconds)8. And its size is what I need (in terms of execution, "curl.")))) 9. And best of all.....in the package with the rectifier as a surprise gift? lay the lip gloss from Bourjois!)))))))))The only thing I don't really like it -it's short (to me) cord!!

Feb 14, 2012 by

I love it!This is my second rectifier and now I of anything do not want to change..the First was also from this company,but he had very little power and he's my very curly hair straightened.So...at first I absolutely didn't like.I turned the surround a little bit wavy hair.The thing was that my hair straightened a girlfriend and I stopped to use not able.Now learned.The plates have a ceramic hair straightener that is not so much injure the hair.From the hair straightener swivel cord,but it's a bit short for me,although it might be that I have the outlet from the mirror far just located..They can straighten wet hair.I haven't done it,afraid to burn the hair completely.Many temperature modes(from 130 to 230 degrees)temperature Switch to be inside,so accidentally switch the temperature when straightening very difficult.It heats up quickly.There is a turbo mode.And yet they are very comfortable to curl your hair.Get beautiful curls that hold for a long time.I bought for 35 euros,but have seen it in other shops more expensive.My Ironing for half a year and I'm happy as an elephant.I recommend it to all.Photos:1,2 - my 3 - rectified ы4,5,6,7 - hair,curled it udugamasooriya from Jun 12, 2012. Finally I tried to straighten wet hair. I have to say,the experience is not the same. Hair like wax smeared. No longer will do so.

Dec 4, 2011 by

many modes of temperature, reliable, easy to operate, it is not dirty

Presented at new year last,I was glad because I have long wanted to straighten your stupid curls Long stood,straightened on 1 January once stood Photo on this computer,unfortunately,not left,But I can say that the result is in any case very pleased he has a number of advantages:-there is a mode of Wet & Dry,i.e. it is possible and on wet hair to use it,if time is short and drying once)-plate nothing sticks(dirt from the hair,shampunki-conditioners-masochki)a good range of temperatures (from 130 to 230).-spinning the cord And there are two things that I don't like.1.Short cord or my outlet is not where it should be,but it's my fault)2.On the wheel, with temperatures not mark where it begins the countdown,ie, I have no idea what temperature it adheres to,but I in any case starayus not go over 140,as at this temperature already begin to deteriorate the hair.Oh and plus very clear instructions,described there all PS:found a photo)

Apr 27, 2011 by

wet & dry use, rapid heating of the plates has a stand, small, reliable, easy to operate, it is not dirty

no storage bags

I do not agree with the previous review, as I use ST27 for six months - very happy. Probably just unlucky with the product.I bought for gift., they even have a French box! And Shine bourjois was a gift from the manufacturer! I was very surprised that the products are genuine and very high quality. Now all there buy.Heats up very quickly, there is a mode "Turbo", it is possible to straighten particularly curly region (I do on the turbo bangs, not curly at all).If you apply mousse or antistatic hair before straightening, the plates are not dirty and they do not remain a trace.You can use damp hair. There are special holes for the moisture to evaporate. Rarely seen in other models.There are plenty of modes of heating that I found very useful, because in the winter, for example, hair curl less than in summer. Therefore, the heating temperature is helpful to adjust.A very simple thing, but the simpler the better, especially when you use every day.I highly recommend it. No need to overpay for the brand and buy in proven online stores.

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