Boneco 1355N

- Power supply: network

- Type of humidifier: traditional

- Power consumption: 20 W


Feb 18, 2016 by

two speed modes, uses ordinary tap water, reliable machine, reliable manufacturer, easy cleaning, no consumables, simple design, cleans and moistens the air

This unit I bought when I was pregnant with my first child, because it is necessary to humidify the air in the apartment in the winter. Choosing a moisturizer that has no consumables. The choice was between this model and Ballu Venta.Last did not buy because of the price, because honestly for "buckets of water" (from the reviews) not cheap work, and Venta is a brand probably more hyped.Bought in the fall of 2011 through the online store for 6,000 thousand (the exact price I do not remember). Now, after raising $ rate sky-high prices of course.Put them in a room 14 sq. m. in the humidifier has two modes. After a night in room air as in the tropics, direct heavy, very humid. Therefore, for such a small room is not worth it to buy this humidifier, and the whole apartment (66 sqm) it does not cover too. Now the humidifier is in a room of 20 sq. m. that include mode 1), working around the clock, turns off only when you open the window and in the rainy season. Forgotten what dryness of the mucous membranes, crusting in the nose, and other....From consumables it has a rod of silver, but I never changed, only my. I do not know. correctly or not. But it is not cheap in magazinehe the departure-all written instructions - wash every 2 weeks, in the dishwasher.I have not been able to understand how versed the package disk, so put in the dishwasher entirely. In a salt on the rims. Recently disassembled the pack and had to wash each disc, direct rubbing (they were in salt and yellow). It's probably not good to breathe this stuff, so every 2 weeks should definitely entirely wash it very well.Water is poured through the filter Aquaphor, Moderno volume: on mode 1 it is not audible, mode 2 is louder of course, and heard from the tank water is poured. Or maybe I'm just used to it, but ULTRASONIC humidifier (child) of course did not hear compared to this.Of the minuses: no built-in hygrometer. It would be nice of course it would turn off, as evidenced to the desired humidity. But this is probably already absolutely other money for the price))

Jan 8, 2016 by

This unit is bought for a child with atopic dermatitis.....when turned on the battery the baby's skin is markedly deteriorated, and no moisturizer was not enough.The quality of the water we have in the city very poor .....for this reason, do not want to buy ultrasound machines and washer with the filter TC water consumption per day should be large, and a change of filters is not wanted and water filtration pour also did not want... (from ultrasound there are problems with a white coating on the furniture)so we bought this unit. It is made very simple - a bucket with a fan inside the bucket 20 rotating discs with special grooves to draw water . Disks spinning - revolving they are completely wet with a fan blowing on top of them and naturally evaporates moisture which air exits on the sides of the sink. Fan taking air from the room and feeding him on wet rims is supposed to wash and esbolat from dust ( dust sticks to the wet discs, and is retained in Podgorne with water) - I would not say that it is a very efficient air purification technology.The simpler the mechanism, the less chance that something will break. I didn't need the extra indicators, menus, lights, moisture sensors in the device. In the sink a simple switch on the two speed.Energy the machine consumes minimum exactly can't say but judging by the bill is somewhere 5 to 7 kW per month daily use..... those generally are minuscule ( the first speed). As for gallons of water in the tank their 4 - four liters fit in the removable tank and tray like 3 liters.24 hours of continuous operation at the first speed in a room of 20 sq m, a temperature of 21-22 degrees, we spent somewhere 5 litres of water...... Hygrometer we have and the level vlazhnosti I don't know.My sump once a week with soap and water.Here is a photo after washing with water already ( the silver rods at the top left hopelessly bound by a touch) And here is a photo after weeks of operation daily ( works Nevyglas week) .In this photo posuti our water is hard The quality of the water we have very bad air-RAID forged rotating discs but washing them is unwise now, maybe in two weeks it will be the same. Here is a photo of yellow disks((( AS WELL WATER to WASH the STONE at the end of the season, take part with wheels and tray ( without tank and fan).....put in a bath , pour water in the pan as much as possible, pour 400 ml of product to clean the kettle ( maybe someone else has another recipe or the amount of cleaning). the part that is immersed in the liquid with water acidaemia and its scrollable immersing the untreated plot, in the photo I hope you can see....but cleaning this thing is slow and takes 4 hours In the humidifier, 2 speed - second somnevat so we are always on the ground - not noisy. Unfortunately we are unable to create the necessary humidity for the baby for us adults just enough but atopic skin need more - much more. Alternatively, you can put the humidifier near the battery, but because of the placement in the room it is very inconvenient. Or at the second speed to work but me especially at night - noisy. On the sides of the washer moves the air from the fan so do not put it near the sleeping places suddenly lose. The sink is operated for 5 months in total - all works fine.The disadvantage of bucket one is the price - for such a simple technology you can think of to ask and less money, a bit noisy on the second soretreatment

Dec 15, 2015 by

two speed modes, uses ordinary tap water, the powerful machine, robust machine, reliable manufacturer, not leave the RAID, simple design, large area moisturizes, cleans and humidifies the air, Swiss quality

Cleaning the air Boneco 1355 N serves me for two years. Bought it on the advice of a friend. The sink is in the room of 20 square meters. It's worth it to work a day or two, the atmosphere in the room is significantly different from the whole apartment: the room felt a coolness and freshness. To use the sinks there is one danger: it is necessary to wash in the shower at least once a month at first! But better once a week! I haven't washed regularly, and the discs are covered with lime and a touch became heavy and unwieldy. Disks soaked in citric acid and they are easily cleansed. One of the advantages of this sink and the fact that it is almost silent, leaves no residue. It can be recommended to those who want to moisturize a large area - it is powerful. Who wants to have fresh air in the apartment. There are two speed modes, normal and intensive. Use on normal, it's enough.Water tank plastic, once it broke. In the service center for an inexpensive price bought a new tank and the sink still works.

Aug 7, 2015 by

uses ordinary tap water, not leave the RAID, simple maintenance, no consumables, cleans and moistens the air

takes a lot of space, it is difficult to wash

Hello! today I want to write a review about air washing boneko! Bought it before the birth of the baby, chose a long time and looked better. the choice was between Venta and boneko, in the end, after reading reviews chose boneko. Let's start with the first and the main is not just a moisturizer, it's cleaning the air, it is therefore necessary to assess the quality of air purification and quality moisture. Moisture at 70 percent almost always,even in very dry times (winter, when drowning battery). But I just want to warn you - at first I couldn't get the results, I thought that the sink was not working, but she worked somewhere in five days and held a stable humidity of 68-70 percent. breathing became easier, less began to get cold and me and my husband. The child in the room is always clean cool air, sopelki never dried, so no complications, everything went by itself.Regarding air purification. We have a cat at home, and this means that the fuzz just flies in the air. So fur flying in the air, virtually no. But! claimed 50 sq. m. washing does not clean, another room as the hairs were flying, and fly. + I times in 3 days be sure to do a wet cleaning, so if someone thinks. that washing will save you from washing floors and wiping dust is unfortunately not:( When the water is poured from a container-there are a lot of Koshkin hairs and dust. Another plus is there are no consumables at all, took poured water and all the washing ready to go! Important note - do not leave water in the container and change it every day, because water may eventually begin to smell bad and the scent will have you across the room.And another plus - there is a white film and for me, the washer is not noisy, I quietly fell asleep under her work.another disadvantages of a large, occupies much space and is quite uncomfortable to wash the vent mechanism.the result:a funtion moisturizing-perfectly, funckii air purification 4 points out of 5.

Dec 23, 2014 by

two high-speed operation, no supplies, cleans and moistens the air

requires frequent washing

Hello! I have allergies, I react to dust mites. Brothers in misfortune you know what it's like, daily wet cleaning, a minimum of furniture, and his nose was still laid. On the advice of the allergist decided to purchase air washer. Of requirements was the evaporation of at least 5 litres a day and no consumables. Do not want to mess with filters. Opted for Boneco 1355. It not only hydrates but also cleanses the air of allergens. The whole thing settles in, so here it is necessary to give due vnimaenie cleaning. Also pleased with the presence of a silver rod that obezzarajivatei water before it begins to evaporate. The disadvantages, if we really fault can be attributed to the noise when filling the pan with water. Otherwise I have no complaints. Because it really does its job and does it well. Breathing was more comfortable, there is a constant feeling of dryness in the nose. Especially in winter during the heating season. Even dust on the furniture there is much less when using it. At birth kids cleaning the air are also not interchangeable. Delicate baby skin needs the right climate. Which reduces the frequency of respiratory and skin diseases.Bought 4 years ago our washing, have not went more than a day.Onlineits and be healthy!

Dec 7, 2014 by

uses ordinary tap water, no consumable materials, simple design, cleans and moistens the air

a loud gurgle disturbing the night, takes a lot of space

Come heating season, humidity in the apartment of course has fallen sharply and I start to slowly dry up. To remedy the situation, went to the store, and there... a friend of the seller. Well, I start to torture him, as we would prettier, more reliable and cheaper. And I was surprised when I was asked: really, will notice, not handsome, and the price in 2 times, and 3 is higher than that of handsome. No buttons, displacia and all that tempting stuff. Round, white, large, very similar to the maid in the USSR. But as it turned out Switzerland. In what still a secret: absolutely simple in the device and, most importantly, no dependence on consumables, my time of the week and all. Air moisturizes very well, water just fading away + the air is still and clean, which is noticeable when it is washed. There are 2 modes: quiet and loud. Day not heard both, and at night the buzzing is almost inaudible, but occasionally gurgles that first drive in some stupor of habit, but when used, it is not so bad In General I'm satisfied, though bright buttons I still do not have enough.

Oct 30, 2014 by

uses ordinary tap water, reliable machine, not leave the RAID, no consumable materials, simple design, cleans and moistens the air

sopesar expensive, takes up space, hard to wash

Like most, I bought this device for the birth of the child.Always-on humidifier keeps humidity in the apartment 50sq.m.Clearly noticed the positive effects for health - nasal mucosa is not peresyhaet turning on the heating in the morning comfortable to Wake up.And what about the quality of the air cleaning not sure. Judging by how much dirt is collected in containers with water - the air has cleared, but on the amount of dust in the house is any noticeable alter.Humidifier noticeably noisy, but it is possible to get used to sleep with the first power level, mt not interfere.The effect of replacement of the silver rod I have not noticed. That with it that without it, the water sours equally fast. And now for the cons, each of which seems to be not very critical, but the amount is not allowed to put 5 points - a strange decision to withdraw the power cord from the front panel, and it's ugly, and the child tries to pull it very tight and easily snap off of the plastic latch housing. After a couple of critiques of the case for cleaning the fan blades and the inside of the hull survived only two, but it seems is not falling apart=)- do not handle the plastic water container is difficult to keep the instrument clean. In a large pot a lot of hidden corners that are difficult to flush out mucus and scum. Wash have a large tank every week and clean the plate every three weeks - and of course for bucket with fan price prohibitive (we bought discounted because of scratchy on the body)After a year of use got even a school - humidifier after evaporation of all the water fills the room very bad smell (either dust/scale, or something else...). How to fight - I don't know, thorough rinsing with analysis of just what is possible.

Sep 12, 2014 by

Purchase history of this fixture goes relatively far back in 2006 when my parents bought a new apartment.Into a new apartment and need a new kitchen too. And not aby what, and with facades of solid natural ash. To the question "But as for these fronts to care?", you can easily find the answer that humidity and temperature play an important role. Winter in my area is dry, so any humidifier we were almost necessary. And somewhere in the 2006-2007 year, the mother went to network home appliances and electronics deliberately of the humidifier and at the same time picked up a bread machine without thinking how she's gonna be lucky one on the bus, no to tomorrow to go back on the car. Mom, of course, in his repertoire, bought the most expensive, because they think expensive means quality. Then the air unit was worth 10,000 rubles, now the price due to the instability of the economy rose to 17000-21000 (in confirmation of my words tyk).Because I use already more than 5 years, I have something to say. Several times I was asked what kind of device is on TabletKiosk easy to use - water from the tap filled in a socket turned on and regulates the degree of intensity. In the winter, we always include the II, steam in this mode for more than 7 liters of water per day. In other words, I pour full tank twice a day.She gurgles loudly. First, very unusual. On holidays some of the guests look with curiosity to know how I can hear such sounds, and some not looking out of modesty, because I think that it's our cat or dog, pardon my French, pukes.The design of sinks is also relatively simple. There are no displays. On the other hand then it is not clear what kind of money? Well, that moisturizes not the ferry, from which white patches. Inside there is a rotating disk. Water from the tray the disks wets, but something inside is blowing on these disks and "sprays" the dampness through the bars laterally to the sides and bottom, so we put the sink on a stool next to the sofa and it's blowing cold dampness on my legs. If you put in a place where the water tank exposed to sunlight, it blossoms (green) and legs are getting will blow a stinking cold dampness.Moisturizes the air. Not much, really. But definitely moisturizes (my mom brought home [from the lab] the device agent because our home was broken and the weather shows". We thought that we have 22%, and was much more possible to live in peace).From time to time disks need to clean from contamination, i.e., I conclude that the dust from the air they delayed the air is cleaner than it could be.One unit is sufficient for premises up to 50 sq. m. And if the area is more, then one device will be enough and then probably cleared the air not all?Eventually became intermittently buzzing. Well, or what to call it. Maybe to creak. Can't make it out there "Bigg" or "Bzzz" In General sometimes (very rarely and probably this depends on the quality of its Assembly after washing) it crackles like a rattle for a few seconds. And maybe not buzzing quite a long time. Don't know yet what it depends on.In General, I recommend.

Apr 21, 2014 by

do not leave the RAID, no consumables

a loud gurgle disturbing the night sopesar expensive, small and not comfortable the water tank is difficult to clean, require frequent washing

How much fuss with it!Bought for example friends family.The unit seems to be and performs its functions, but it seems that it is not our staff is cares about you and you about the humidifier. It must be constantly washed, the water inside becomes stagnant. He has dirty wheels, some wash them with water and citric acid. The water tank lasts for 6-8 hours, so you need to constantly this water to pour. Capacity need to be careful, it can easily fall out of the hands. They say then that capacity will not find. In General, this is a thing difficult to operate. I have a small child don't have time to pan out. Young mothers will understand me.UPDATE: After writing this review, I sold the sink to air. However, when my child was about 1.8, he began to hurt. And in this case, the humidifier has become an indispensable. I had to take the same humidifier used, but for a greater cost. Now standing and waiting in the wings.It's easier to accept its shortcomings than to hang towels on the battery for air humidification. Read guest reviews on my other household helpers:Multivarka-pressure cooker-pressure cooker MOULINEX 4 Panasonic SD-2501 WTS If you liked my review, I invite you to read my reviews and subscribe to updates!

Feb 5, 2014 by

uses ordinary tap water, a reliable manufacturer, do not leave the RAID, simple maintenance, no consumables, cleans and moistens the air

a loud gurgle disturbing the night

Bought the air unit more than a year ago, moisturizes well, I have no hygrometer, but if you turn on full power, felt the moisture well, even a surplus) When put in a small room (17 sq m), even the Palace on the floor became wet. I don't know why some complain. If the slit Windows, of course, the humidity will extend to the street. Bubbling a horrible night, my husband does not hear, sound asleep, and I Wake up sometimes from the sound, and if it gurgles in the moment of falling asleep, scared and flinch. Such a "minusik" at this sink. About washing the air, too fine, change the water after 2-3 days, the water in the pan yellow and a little turbid, though the dust on the furniture a bit. Can't say that she's gonna clean you air, but some dirt will be removed. I bought it as a moisturizer, I am satisfied, although such money is not worth it! About lime on disks, we have for the second year running, no lime, drives clean, just washed with a sponge, so slippery was not. Its function is performed, but the gurgling is annoying)))

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