Bosch MMB 1000


Feb 8, 2011 by

cover with a funnel, you can chop ice, it is easy to wash, good skorosti whipping

no attachments, left lumps, plastic star, the knife to wash uncomfortable noise

So, in preparation for the school children, decided to buy a blender to prepare a puree. Unfortunately, despite the relatively high price, the Bosch MMB 1000 Blender has not met expectations.. so it is a stationary blender with 2 speeds, pulse mode to the ice prick, a big bowl of 2 liters so on. From advantages –a big bowl, all disassembled for cleaning. Cons – the same big bowl of – what was my disappointment that 1-2 eggs it does not sobesh! Meat 100 grams is not to grind, etc. But the portions are respectable. With some edit fails, e.g., left uncut part, which was in the dead zone of the knives. Another drawback – the plastic sprocket, but maybe I have little use, it has not faded, but it can. In General I have not found a use for the house and bought a small blender "egg-shaped" - he did not whips, but mash makes no worse, and cocktails and sauces I don't cook..

Feb 17, 2009 by

you can chop ice, a good skorosti whipping

no attachments, left lumps

In the summer I bought a blender BOSCH MMB 1000, I can't say that came from his work in full enthusiasm, but in General, if you use it exclusively for creating cocktails and mashed potatoes, it is quite tolerable. But a couple of times I tried to grind the same carrots, so I have it turned out different cut largest pieces, there are even very large. I tried to use it to chop ice, that's just the blender handled it fine.

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