Bosch PCP616B80E

- All burners: 4

- Gas burners: 4

- Connection method: gas hob


Jan 28, 2014 by

As always in a hurry in anticipation of the end of the first in the global repair of your own apartment, my husband and I began to design the kitchen of your dreams... Only to salons within one month, after listening to eulogies of its products and low prices for such quality, I was not until extensive array of technical gadgets in the kitchen of my dreams. We trusted the Manager, a nice girl from the salon "Maria" in the cabin in Khimki. So one of the acquisitions was the gas cooking panel Bosch PCP616B80E. To paint her dignity will not (a conventional gas panel. There are drawbacks:1) the Handle is too close to the burners. Melted left handle, pockets of gas, when put to heat a frying pan diameter 28 cm frying Pan had to be replaced by a smaller. Apparently the panel is targeted at people who eat very little and they have tiny utensils.2) I do not know how anyone, but my husband and I are intra-family competitions - who will light the gas. To light the burner needs a few seconds to keep the handle enabled. Several times I gave up and used matches.3) you should always check and not moved Lee to the floor mm the top of the burners, and hot tea in the morning will not wait.4) while light the gas - I hear very quiet chatter of autopedia.5) Gas as fuck from the burners, all burns even if you reduce to the bare minimum, will still burn in the middle and the edges will remain nedoguleny. And this is on all sizes of burners. The biggest suitable for boiling pots of 10 liters in 5 minutes! No longer used, as All will burn for 1 minute.6) and finally!!! Christmas bummer... Sent a man singe the Christmas duck. He removed the lid from the hotplate and op-PA... the gas does not light! Absolutely! Protects against leaks. And duck pinched with tweezers in a beauty salon.Bottom line: if you eat a little burnt portions - this hob for you. Otherwise, look for another.

Apr 1, 2013 by

GASCONTROL, easy to clean, cast iron grates

Ordered a fitted kitchen with all bytowskie: dishwasher, an oven and hob of course. to be honest I can't say that I am delighted with it, the usual hob is no different from other manufacturers in this price range. The ignition is even on the plates of old samples. Gas control almost all panels. the only easy to clean, cast iron grates does not burn anything, but I often cost aluminum foil in the old and do for this reason do not bother.

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