Bosch PHA2000

- Type: hair-brush

- Power: 400 W

- The number of modes: 2


Dec 28, 2014 by

I use this dryer for more than five years. As if having him in hand was born, although I bought "on the record", "just buy something". I have short hair, soft fine hair, so the problem of drying the hair not necessary a priori. I'm interested in the volume and styling, and the hands are only two, and right one, and I'm not a professional hairdresser, so the best option – hair-brush. Irons-vozduhom I can only create the effect of a tornado on his head. And on a stranger, in principle... The power of a hair dryer – 400 watts. For my hair – fine, although it was the Hairdryer powerful in operation. At first worried about this, then it turned out that in vain. Two modes of operation, I use the maximum. Sister long hair, haircut Kare, and thick, but she was using my hair dryer and was pleased with it, I gave her exactly the same to me away not to suffer. On the basis of which I conclude: power, of course, important technical characteristics, but sometimes it is possible to close eyes. In the hand dryer is very convenient, the hand is not strained, tired. Nozzle one detachable to wash-to clean and disassemble the dryer for transportation. On vacation always take it with you, irreplaceable thing. Nozzle with a diameter of 20 mm, for me this is optimal and allows to capture even the ultra-short locks of hair and lift them from the roots to increase volume. Metal nozzle, during operation of the dryer is heated, so despite low power, the hair dry and fixed in her hair pretty quickly. Natural bristles makes the hair capture even more light and comfortable. The cord rotates around its axis, there is a loop for hanging. For me this is the perfect Hairdryer if my old man honk, I will buy exactly the same or very similar.

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