Bosch PPP618B91E

- All burners: 4

- Gas burners: 4

- Cast iron grates: there

- Connection method: gas hob


Apr 2, 2014 by

beauty, functionality, quality

hard to clean

Moved to a new home where the kitchen gas (lived all my life with the stove) and I had to choose the gas panel. Just searched through a bunch of reviews and decided to take BOSH.This panel was chosen because of the unusual beauty and reputation of the brand.Pros.Very beautiful, I color sand and pads of naravane squares.Convenient sustainable chugunin (ptcpunjabi lining of rubber, they did not Ierapetra), in the center, as it form the table, it's convenient to move the pan. Designed 3 sizes of burners.Gas control works perfectly (specially checked repeatedly, as a joke my desktop "to commit suicide will not work").The ignition also works perfectly (protection of children).Easy installation (just pravilny drank in the tabletop and cover it with a sealant).Cons. The fly in the ointment, of course. It is very easy and gets dirty quickly, those you have it will DEFINITELY get dirty. Can I have it comes from the fact that I basically never lived with gas and now are learning to use them correctly. When you put the pan, pour oil, it is sure to splash in all directions. Maybe I'm not used to not learned yet really right on gas to cook. Wash a panel a time-consuming, chugunny separately, separately burner (wash MMP), a separate cloth gas on glass and the stainless steel. But despite this disadvantage, the panel I am very pleased.Would recommend..

Feb 7, 2014 by

Whoever designed this cooking surface "gas on glass", clearly never trained simultaneously on two burners.Burners located silly at the same time on two left or the two right burners to cook is only possible in small saucepan. Medium and especially large do not fit. Strangely, the two front or two back burners and large pots are placed. The location is absolutely ill-conceived. Frying pan with a diameter of 25 cm. it is Obvious that the next ring will fit only Turk Grid width - 17 cm why??Iron railings curves! Them pan or the pan is loose. It's so annoying! Stir in pan fried potatoes for example, and frying pan, swoosh-swoosh, swoosh-swoosh... just Horror. never even to make the grid? Don't understand.Ignition: the gas ignited, it is necessary to wait for a long time. Most times the second or third. Maybe it's especially liquefied natural gas and natural this is not.From the pros: wash well, comfortable. The color is really beautiful. Actually, for the ease of cleaning and for the color of the surface was selected. But the convenience to try before purchasing it is impossible, unfortunately.

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