Bosch WAE 20444

- Download type: front

- Maximum load of Laundry: 7 kg

- Tank material: plastic


Apr 1, 2013 by

an adequate ratio of price and quality

the short hose in the kit

It started suddenly, though, as always. One morning burned out the engine available a washing machine, which faithfully served us for 15 years. A baby at home, wash the day, a new machine is needed urgently. In a panic I rushed to the Internet. How to choose machine? What do you need to pay attention? Technology bunch of information about her even more, head swells, running out of time, otherwise you'll have to hand wash. Started calling friends to find out who has what machine, how to choose. Everyone has their own criteria, but all agreed that it is necessary to take the machine non-Russian Assembly, preferably European. Such machines were not so much, so settled on this brand. Never regretted. Washes quietly, compared with the former machine, when press is not jumping on the bathroom. It was amazing, because I was absolutely sure that if you put a spin on 1000 rpm the car will rattle and jump... There is a 15-minute wash, there is the additional filling of water and gargle, which is very important for a young child who has allergies, the powder rinses out completely! The flow of powder just super small, put 50 grams and all stains. The drum can be open at any time!!! Accidentally saw a black sock in a white linen during washing (how it got there I'll never know) and easily and quickly get it out. Sometimes, suddenly something urgent need to report to the Laundry, it is also very easy to do. Even managed to wash down jacket. He washed off, opalescence fluff and not stringy. Now live and rejoice, and all what I want!

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