Brother INNOV-'IS 400

- Bag platform: there

- Embroidery unit: no

- The number of sewing operations: 294

- Reverse button: there


Jun 22, 2015 by

lightweight and easy to manage, lots of stitches, detailed instructions

*high price, often broken

I bought this Swiss.car 4 years ago. Very happy, many lines, several kinds of loops. But eventually I realized that it is not so simple. Sewing mostly for family, not often, baby clothes, pajamas, shorts, tee shirt, etc repairs, for example cut jeans, pants, etc. the First thing that happened, even in the warranty period, it stopped working the display, just a white screen and all, called in service, told to bring, but because it is far away from us, I was in my last pregnancy, I was not up to it, then the warranty has expired. Sheila blindly, in principle, the same line is not affected. After about half a year, the display suddenly started working! himself! And so periodically Shalit. Now everything is OK. Through the years 2 of my rare operation, when sewing curly lines, got tire, neither here nor there. Called the master, did the repair cost was 2000 RUB. Now recently again a problem on curved lines when the needle goes to the right, periodically starts to skip and tear the thread, straight lines are no problem. To be honest, disappointed. Experience in the use of machinery I have enough studied to be a tailor, worked in this field know how to handle them....but here a disappointment.And yet, too thin fabric she chews at the beginning of lines, thick, hard picks, i.e. jeans tuck very carefully. Need to sew something in between. Needle and thread to pick up on the type of fabric.

Apr 12, 2013 by

lightweight and easy to control, detailed instructions

Since childhood, I love to sew, knit and do needlework. First grandma's old sewing machine my parents gave me Podolsky foot Seagull. One day, accidentally looked into the Department with sewing machines and lost... Turns out technology has leaped forward, and I do not know. We started with a consultant with low-cost machines with a minimum of functions and gradually reached MY CAR. It was worth at that time obscenely expensive (2007) 25 thousand But in my heart sunk. And since it was almost his birthday, by common efforts it became my. And for the sixth year, I enjoy the process of sewing. Let's start with the fact that the manual says is will understand even a novice. The automatic threading in needle, thread trimming at the end of lines can be set up automatically, you can manually. Several types of legs, including walking for stitches (the lashes batting on cheers), vymenivali several types of loops the size of the buttons. Foot to change is very simple, nothing to Unscrew. A large number of lines. There are literal lines, but this feature is rather weak, still the machine is not embroidery. The machine is quite lightweight, has a carrying handle and cover to protect from dust. Not regretted never about the purchase. Sew a lot of different texture and fabric density. Satisfied.. I Suggest to see my reviews of other assistants in remodelers to install furnituregarden octopustravel to create piping

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