Candeon CD1000

- Modes: jet

- Tank capacity: 750 ml

- The pressure of the jet: 200 - 590 kPa


Feb 10, 2016 by

* a small price, perfectly cleans teeth and gums

I first thought about buying the Waterpik when he became "happy" owner of a dental crown, which I had some difficulty with brushing.If someone accidentally came across this review and do not know what it was about, in a nutshell: the oral irrigator is a device for cleaning teeth and gums with a jet of water.Honestly, after buying this unit stood idle for two months, I was afraid of him. But after trying it once, can no longer live without this wonderful invention.This is my first Waterpik and to purchase I only had two wishes: to inexpensive, and to brush your teeth in hard to reach places. I read a lot of reviews on irrigators from different manufacturers eventually settled on this model. It cost 2,600 rubles.The device is extremely simple to operate, the body has a button to turn on/off and control intensity water jets, a water tank from which the liquid in the coiled plastic tube is fed into the nozzle for cleaning the oral cavity. The irrigator has five colored replacement tips for the whole family and one nozzle with bristles similar to a very small toothbrush. Running on the network.Before cleaning in water, I add the usual conditioner for the mouth. This is entirely optional, but I really like the resulting refreshing effect. Use the irrigator after I brush my teeth with a regular brush and paste and only in problem areas. Sometimes I'm even afraid of the amount of food residue falling into the sink from under the jet of the irrigator after I brushed my teeth with a brush (although I always thoroughly brush my teeth). To clean the mouth fully have not tried yet, too much time required. And yet, it seems to me, a complete cleaning of the mouth of one reservoir of water is not enough, have to top up. The intensity of the jet I have is the average, increase the speed until you try. The only negative I would note is the absence of the stop button water pressure when, for example, it is necessary to move the nozzle to the other side of the jaw. The first few times I spray out all around, but now more or less adapted to use the device with a minimum of splashing. The main thing is to keep your head as low as possible over the sink. But no splashes and buttons will not make me take any stars. The device is really very necessary and useful, especially for those who have crowns, or any other problem areas in the mouth. Definitely recommend!

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