Canon Digital IXUS 145

- Optical Zoom: 8x

- Type autofocus: contrast

- Camera type: digital

- Size: 95x54x22 mm

- Maximum resolution: 4608 x 3456

- The type of matrix: СCD

- The total number of pixels: 17 million

- Flash: built-in, up to 3 m, suppression of effect of red eyes


Dec 19, 2015 by

The camera I chose, I got as a gift.Official features:matrix Resolution: 16 Opticheskii zoom: 8 screen: 2.7"Length: 54,3 mm: 95,2 thickness: 22,1 weight: 127 gcve: Chernye me to use the camera for almost a year. And accordingly, all photos for reviews for irecommend done on it)Price at the time when the camera got on me was somewhere around 1500 UAH. Just note that the quality exceeds the price. I will not add photos taken with my camera. If interested, see my other reviews. All the functions necessary to me are present in the camera. I couldn't find macro shooting, she was in mode Automatically when approaching the camera to the object itself. The quality of the photo I really like. Especially in comparison with the camera on my phone. I use to take pictures of nail lacquers, in addition to the usual daily photo. The use is very convenient.

Apr 2, 2015 by

cheap, holds battery, compact and easy to use, small

pales, distort the color slowly taking pictures

We bought this camera for a child 7 years on the Day of Birth and did not expect from him some super high quality photos. The price matches the quality. Normal dish soap for the money. It is very small and easy to manage. Son very much. Of course as a main camera I would never in my life did not acquired, the color distortion and blurring ogogo. But it may have settings to change and everything will be OK, I saw on the Internet is quite decent pictures with this model. But the son in his 7 years is long enough automatic settings. To be honest for photographing children and important moments in my life, I never take it. This is the DSLR with us. But for a quick picture have a smartphone that I have takes a picture better.

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