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Jun 30, 2015 by

very small, good result

batteries, a bit noisy

Hi all!How to quickly get rid of the pellets and does not damage clothes?This will help the Kenwood machine.Compact freestanding machine.Runs on batteries, has transparent tank for the accumulation of chips of pellets. All clear and understandable. When operating the machine buzzes quite loudly, when you work a bit heated.On the side there is a switch, it works easy, soft switches. Reservoirthe it is the principle of the razor.To shave off pellets it is necessary that they fall into the holes of the mesh, if the pellets are large, it is necessary to apply force, pressing the car to the tissue and pushing them inside.There is a risk of damaging the fabric. Stockas pros:+ really remove the lint+ compact, fits comfortably in the hand+ inexpensive+ easy tank, easy cystitis cons:- you need to pin to the fabric, there is a risk of damaging clothes - noisy - battery operated With denser fabrics is simple, for example a cloak with inserts. had a little talk, but the result is worth it - see for yourself . The fabric is not damaged. I tried) I'm satisfied like an elephant! The cloak will still delight with its fresh look:)though you could use this device)I Recommend!

Dec 7, 2014 by

Good day! The issue of getting rid of the pellets in this season for me was well, very serious. Have favorite sweaters and socks, which can not leave. Just got to shave them with a disposable machines. Of course, the mind would be to order the machine to remove the pellets on eBay. But, as always, remember such a gadget in the season, when you need today and now. I was so hot to find him, while temporarily in another city. Here is what I found.MACHINE FOR PELLETS CLATRONIC MC 3240: China (bar code of Germany).Price: 50 UAH. or around RUB 171 Power: AA batteries (LR06) x 2 PCs (not supplied).Dimensions: 8,5*8,5*4,2 see Warranty: 24 months.Place of purchase: Auchan. PACKING:Fixture is sold in a cardboard box with instructions. In my opinion, not enough small brushes for cleaning, but this is clearly too late. APPEARANCE, APPLICATION and EFFICIENCY:the Machine is compact, durable white plastic. Container to collect the waste transparent, tight to the body. There is a protective cap. MACHINE FOR PELLETS CLATRONIC MC 3240 Along the rear of the housing is placed the batteries. Mesh heads are removable, it protects the knives that buffer. Is hard to describe, but straddling the knife, it is clear that he secured in such a manner to provide a smooth stroke and not to damage the fabric during processing. With the machine copes fine. Turns on/off with only one button, speeds has. The process of removing the pellets fast. Most importantly, comfortably. Best for me is not anywhere on the bed and on the table near the window with daylight. It is better that the surface on which the thing was hard.Cleaning things is accompanied by a characteristic crackling sound during the cutting of the pellets. When the sound disappears and only the buzz, then this piece of fabric is cleaned. By the way, humming softly. The pellets are collected in container. It is roomy, which allows for time to clean not one thing. A significant disadvantage in that they clog the hole between the blade and the container. Occasionally have to shake the device. When that does not work, need a brush. As I said, it is not complete, so I use from the epilator. The battery lasts for a long time. From the date of purchase has passed more than two months have not changed them. SUMMARY:my only Regret, what took you so long to buy this device. Yes, there is a minus, but you shouldn't expect much from a budget device. Problem areas of the joints where the arm rubs on the side, to the intersection of the labels of outerwear of thing is now treated Clatronic-Ohm. My things has no chance to show their wear. The machine is very useful and should definitely be in the house. Recommend! Thank you interested in.

Mar 16, 2014 by

very small, good results, price

Usually passed these goods, but saw a discount store and could not resist... only one Regret, that did not buy earlier! The Assembly is simply super! Gives things a second life! All gillock, sviterochke, cardiganshire, coats (!!!) - takes all! Fast, reasonably quiet, the battery lasts a long time! Loved it! I recommend everyone to have such a wonderful thing! Solid Pyaterochka!

Mar 16, 2014 by

very small, good results, price


I'll be brief.Pros:1. The device is small, takes up little space when stored (so little that they can always find it quickly).2. Low price - UAH 35 (there are cheaper and more expensive - don't trust cheaper, more expensive makes no sense)3. Battery-operated (2 PCs AA). Enough for several visits. Well he worked from the network, but then point 1 and 2 would be irrelevant (the device would be more expensive)4. It really helps! Old icky cloth does a new thing. Most of the time. If the thing is prone to the formation of pellets is forever:) So "shave" the clothes sometimes it is necessary each time dressing. Cons:1. Sometimes for visual effect to sit on the clothes have long. Children's sweater were treated for about an hour, there really was a lot of detail and bells and whistles. 2. We need to change the batteries. As an option - you can put the battery, then will work for a long time (with charges), but will cost twice as much. Summary: something is unquestionably most necessary in the economy, but sometimes it makes great the life. I bought and have no regrets. I use not very often, but the idea that somewhere she is lying, I hope.In the photo the beret worn to the point that I was going to throw it away. Then I remembered about citysquares, and now baby will put on my favorite thing. PS Before purchasing it I have done the usual shaving machine. But in this case there is a risk of damage to clothes.

Nov 3, 2013 by

very small, good results, price

Bought it from a online store in your city.I very long searched for such a machine. Reviewed many models and settled on this one.Price and benefits: 35 UAH ($4.5. 145,08 RUB) In 1 it is not expensive, there are analogs more expensive, but they are also Chinese. 2 in size it is not big 7*8 see Works from 2 AA batteries. I always take Duracell , they lasts longer and can not be afraid that they will flow.Result: Eliminates the pellets just fine. Sweaters, socks, pants, shorts, dress and even tights . As well as outerwear. All this is not a problem for her. Cleans quickly and easily you can get into seams and pockets. ( example on my pants, and sweater) garbage easy to clean.The machine I have and everything works fine. For me it is a good helper in everyday life.Recommend)

Oct 14, 2013 by

low quality, very small, bad cope with the load

I decided to buy a machine to remove the pellets and bought the cheapest battery powered.But it was first too small,which I was very annoyed since very long having to bother to clear the thing from the pellets,the knives are very weak and not doing their job,so in one place it is necessary to hold it many times to see some little result on clothes.Secondly,not long music played,she very quickly broke down and I had to purchase a more expensive model.

Oct 14, 2013 by

the result is perfect, price is

Good afternoon, girls. I want to share my impressions after buying the Machine to remove the pellets Clatronic MC 3240. If I knew before what kind of thing would have bought much earlier. I have long paid attention to this miracle machine, but much enthusiasm was shown. But when I saw her house with a friend I decided to ask whether really removes all the pellets on the clothes, it paused and just brought it to me and said try it.! I really was amazed, I had knit turtleneck which has already been shall we say not very. I decided to test it. ))) This is just fantastic, she is like new.Then the next day ran to the store to buy one for myself)))

Oct 14, 2013 by

Bought this miniliner on ozone for 100 rubles. Perhaps in other places there are cheaper and other manufacturers, but I chose what chose. Advantages of this device a lot, the only one drawback is if you overdo it, you can make a puff on the clothes, but you need to try very hard) It's very small, fits easily in any bag, even though hardly anyone will carry it with you. Powered by two AA batteries. The first time I put polyubite batteries, but even with them it worked though and faltered on the big spools too often. With new alkaline batteries working on Pyaterochka, stop the blade can not be any one spool) So the girl who in his review wrote about the fact that the device is weak, suggest to buy new batteries! Of course, miracles will not do it and old stuff will not turn into a new one, but all the pellets will easily cut to nil. Will help your things again to be smooth and bright. The photo shows that after all the little white pellets are cut, the picture becomes much nicer, isn't it? Thank you to everyone who read the opinion to the end and those who put a plus!

Aug 17, 2013 by

well made body, price

a little noise, the result is not 100%

Recently all began to buy and use machines to remove the pellets. I including decided to buy, did not read in the Internet what device is better because muhsinah they represented. I bought in Poland, about 90. I just had 3 things to "work". Below are the results:1) the cardigan made of acrylic with already normal these pellets. Their device did. 2) Timberland Polo husband. it was in small pellets, very "clingy" husband wore a Polo, although liked it .now wearing :) 3) knit my shirt. small pellets all over the tee shirt. Then I overdid it, the need to Use the device only when the thing is lying flat on a flat surface, and I someplace decided it is better to "work out" and the knee t-shirt put on a stronger machine pressed. and she "cut" a hole :) In the end, the thing job the main. BUT! Pellets are formed not immediately, but first appears on the surface of the fabric layer from the fibers, which then rolls. So it is not removed by machine. So it can only help in a very obvious and severe cases, very visible pellets.

Mar 14, 2013 by

quality, the result is perfect, price

a little noise

This machine came to me long enough, but I still don't know how did without it before, because now I order everything from socks to woolen coat.To design a simple small - round cover sits loosely, so it constantly POPs off. The machine itself is comfortable to hold in hand, but I assume that models with a pen is still more convenient.The noise she makes, if you handle a few things, then it becomes annoying.To work pritenzy no - batteries work for a long time, the pellets removes fine, no problems, things are not cut, even the most subtle. The machine is very easily disassembled and cleaned from accumulated debris.In General, a very necessary and useful thing in the economy!

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