Delonghi DDW08S

- Water consumption: 9 l

- Capacity: 10 sets

- Control type: electronic

- Drying class: A

- Energy class: A

- Installation: built-in full

- Washing class: A


Aug 14, 2013 by

Previous machine was a Bosch, so I'm just totally against. But paradoxically,looking at the many options and reading many reviews,settled on Bosch, gritting your teeth. When I placed the order the girl told me this model and spoke on B. since the brand ceased to justify themselves. I'm not told what I was looking for exactly 45, but they are not so much. Be honest inside I liked everything, everything is tight and fundamentally, when connection difficulties have not experienced, spaciousness of the 2 times, and one, very economical and smart machine, washes well, if you understand where to put. The only negative that I'm a little upset at first, the noise level, it is heard, but not always and the sound is not annoying. At any point the machine to open and report the dishes, water does not come out, a lot of different programs, but I rarely using. It would be very disappointing if he spent a large sum and did not use the programs. Yes, the quality of drying in all cycles is excellent. The machine is in operation for 4 months, were used in full, had a lot of dishes to clean up from previous machines and repair. Especially super glass, old high-temperature glazed pots, good as new, but certainly not the first time. Good luck when purchasing this model.

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