Electrolux EGG 16342 NX

- All burners: 4

- Gas burners: 4

- Cast iron grates: there

- Panel location: front

- Connection method: gas hob


Apr 21, 2015 by

gas control

long ignition, easily scratched surface, little space for dishes

When settled in the kitchen, undecided on what appliances and sink are stainless steel. Long thought and have opted for a proven brand. But I never thought of what stainless steel is difficult to clean!! It's time to clean my cooktop. I, suspecting nothing, took a regular sponge(soft on one side and tighter on the other) and washed it, rubbing hard side in some places. I even could not think that stainless steel is such a soft and all is scratched!!! My cooking surface is hopelessly flawed((( it Turns out that if even under the soft cloth, get solid chips, the scratches can not be avoided! Now, when you wash them, you have to strain to control every little thing. After a simple enamelled plate believe that stainless steel is inconvenient to clean surface. Turn to other disadvantages.Narrow. A large frying pan and kettle (pot) will not fit on adjacent burners. But that's the problem with most cooking surfaces (I specifically went through different brands of cooking, all the width and depth approximately the same, + - cm). If the pan is put on the front burner all the time afraid she will fall. A long ignition. Included and count to ten...slowly count:-)And lastly. Keep away from large plates easily consumable items ( melted plastic stand for spatulas).I do not recommend any stainless steel.

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