Electrolux EGG 6342 NOX

- All burners: 4

- Gas burners: 4

- Cast iron grates: there

- Panel location: front

- Connection method: gas hob


Mar 2, 2015 by

easy to clean, cast iron recheck

heated handles, if long lit the flame

When we ordered food, the question arose about the gas panel. Pokupala in the beginning of 2015, when prices are inflated to the limit. It cost us 15 cents (with a discount of 20% in El Dorado), although the red price not more than 7000.Needed black or silver panel. Glass and metal I rejected immediately, because they show all stains and spots. Looking for black enamel. With pleasure would have bought plain white, but the white color didn't fit the kitchen and oven. White as you know, the most practical.In our city she was the only black enameled glossy.Dignity-GASCONTROL - works in 3-5 seconds after the fade.-electropages-convenient lattice-safely accommodated simultaneously and moonshine, and a large crockery-beautiful and relatively practical - quick wash.-instantly re-start the parents have half a minute to stand "click", to lit)Disadvantages:-very much heated grips and the very enameled surface.-though quickly cleaned, but the stains remain - it is necessary to wipe dry stains remain even the water is not critical - I knew that I was going for - the black color always packaway.

Jul 17, 2014 by

Italian Assembly, a good combination price-quality, cast-iron, recheck

terribly infuriating ignition

Long chose the hob, I stopped Electrolux EGG 6342 NOX. The main criteria in the selection of plates were:- not too high a price - cast iron grate - protection of children - convenient restolounge stove burners is a reliable brand in this panel we are all arranged and after a long search we found what you need.In use the panel is about a year, during this time, significant nedostatkov Yavlena was not, except for one. Constantly falls in the start!!! When you turn on the gas, the ignition will not turn off and continues to pop itself until you remove the switch and not pokovyrjatsja inside. Hate it terribly!!! Well what happens is it just the two switches and not all the time, lately ttttt working fine. In all other suits. Often write that very hot handles and oven hard to clean. About the handles I can say that Yes, heated, but not critical. Personally, I any discomfort it does not deliver. About washing, think that all panels of this type ( i.e. stainless steel), wash the same. For myself, again problems not saw properly, do not clean powder. the cast-Iron grille can be cleaned well, to put it conveniently. But the panel itself is not a big razmara and take all the cooking plates will only not very large saucepan.In General, the panel is not bad and if not for the downside to the ignite would put a solid 5!!!

Oct 29, 2013 by

Italian build, not expensive, easy to clean

glowing switches

We bought a gas cooktop Electrolux EGG 6342 NOX kit to brass Cabinet is also Electrolux. Money was scarce,on this bought the most simple and inexpensive model,cost us 7,000 rubles. In the choice was guided by several main parameters:stainless steel,cast iron grid,gas control,electric ignition and automatic shutdown.It all fitted in the model.Pleased Italian Assembly!Husband installed it myself and made one huge mistake!When I cut the countertop calculated that sockets are next to a large comfortable and later we encountered a problem while cooking.The heat from the far of the large burners so strong that Yes, beyond the very surface of the Greek and now we are almost on it is not ready.But that is our shortcoming and omission,this will not reduce the rating.But what you can really reduce is front switches.They are very close and literally within 10 minutes much crack.I am constantly afraid that they will melt, since heard that this happens in Samsung.But until that happens, and you're straight. Husband argues that is not afraid and is heat-resistant plastic.I want to mention is a huge plus,which is found in the process of operation.That would not say a cast-iron grating washed just fine!Without exaggeration,I just wipe with a soapy sponge and all the dirt is cleared.Even easier than the stainless steel!

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