Electrolux EHD 60020 P

- All burners: 4

- Panel location: front

- Connection method: electric cooking plate


Mar 16, 2014 by

quick cooking, child protection, beautiful design, easy to use, many modes, off by escaping fluid, quiet

Welcome! I want to bring to your attention a mini-presentation on the work of my induction hob Electrolux EHD 60020P. Service life – 2 years and 5 months. Bought it in September 2011 for 13,120 rubles in the online store.Here is how it looks now. At the lower left burner of the damaged top layer. The work is not affected. Despite his "age" plate can be easily washed and looks very neat. ✤ The rate of boiling of water.I've often heard that induction boils water very fast, faster than gas. After purchase I was convinced. But now I decided to conduct an experiment, how long to boil water on my stove. Poured exactly 1 liter. Simultaneously with the stopwatch on my phone turned on with a strong mode "booster" - it is marked with the letter "P". Result: 3 minutes, 4 seconds and 1 millisecond. I seem to be quite decent. And how much are you boiling? ✤ Modes.All plates are 9 modes + booster and heater. By the way, the "booster" works from time to time. If you don't change the mode, it will switch to "9". "6" as you see the most quiet boiling, milk is best left on "5". ✤ Stop+Go Function.From the appliance is perfect Stop+Go function. Let's say someone came to you urgently need to absent himself, and at the plate is something boiling. Include this button, all the problem is solved! She automatically puts on all burners "heating" mode, he's the weakest. You have now won't run. And as soon as I return and click on it again it will restore the values of the temperature, which stood before. ✤ The function "Protection of children".As well there is a child lock. But I think it is not fully thought out. What do we see, by clicking on the coveted clasp. First, everywhere is shown by the letter "L" meaning that the feature is enabled. After a few seconds they disappear and restored to its former value with a "but", works on display, only the button "protection of children". Ie this is to ensure that the child is not knocked you settings. Until you guess on what button to press =). ✤ The Self Timer.And here I adored the Timer. Click on the clock, if you click on them – is the choice of the burner on which you want to set the time. They are marked with a red flashing dot. Selected – press "+" or " - " to select the desired number of minutes. If you hold down +, the numbers will run faster. All in a few seconds to change the time it will be possible only by re-clicking on the clock. There is another feature – when activated multiple timers on different plates, then the seem will be a time burners which left fewer minutes. By the way you can put the maximum 99 minutes. I have it running constantly. Put the porridge for 30 minutes, even if you forgot about it, if a burner is selected correctly, then exactly 30 minutes later she passed out. A very handy feature. But if it was the last working burner – the hob is completely switched off. ✤ Does not work without utensils.This plate is good, no ware it will not work. Need special cookware for these stoves. It is easy to determine by holding the bottom magnet - it primantis.I clicked on the middle ring on the booster (no pots), I got popisil and showed the letter "F". They say "hostess, I'd love to work, but warming is nothing =). Also, this letter will appear if you remove the dishes already running burners. But as soon as I return it to the place, will be back regime, which it was. ✤ Modes "Booster" and "heating".Here I have shown that squares with the letter "B" turns on the strongest mode. If you click on it twice will turn on autopedigree. I don't use them, only when I turn the Stop+Go. But the booster I always go. ✤ Local heating of the plate.Another excellent quality – heat burners only when I have something I can safely run close to wipe without turning off the stove. In terms of children it's wonderful. If you can not climb directly touching the pan – do not burn. By the way, after the end of cooking lights up the letter "H", this means the residual heat. Ie better not to touch it until this place and you could burn yourself.✤ Shut off when "escaping".What else positive I would like to say about this stove. She provides shutdown in the case of "Escape of fluid", but, just not thought out to the end. She really will shut down if the liquid gets on the display. But if it flows to the rear, then it will not react =). In this respect, I like that when installing to do a slight tilt, so that the water flowed to the display.✤ Sensitive display.But the display is very Moody, as soon as something is put, it will popisat a couple of times – then off. That is convenient – even if the stove is turned off, and it is fragrant pot of meatballs, peep display, you can react and drive off trying to steal food, cats, they usually always affect the display legs =).✤ Some tips for cooking.Some of the dishes already formed its own tactic =).When you need to boil the milk first, set the mode "5" immediately after it hit the Booster. As soon as I see that milk has started to rise – quickly press the "-" which regulates the modes. And plate immediately returns to mode 5. Milk saved =).Pancakes fry on the mode of "6," but first, warm up the pan on "7".Noodles are cooked to "7", everything else is on "6". If cook under the lid is always put on the regime, and even 2 less. Can escape.Potatoes cooked 20 minutes, cereals are mostly 25-30 minutes.✤ The noise at work.She gave a small noise when power starts to operate the internal fan. And depending on the mode it is slightly buzzing. The higher the mode the more clearly.~ Summary ~it is necessary to first get used. But after cooking becomes quite easy. And most importantly fast. I already can't imagine how was without her. Very much it is comfortable =). And those small minuses, that is, give it a sort of charm, its own character =).

Nov 4, 2013 by

easy to use, full induction

Of course after the usual spiral cooler to the induction I had a long time to get used to it, kept wanting to twist knobs, which are not. But now already used to the digital display. I also really like that it has a timer, for example set to cook porridge (which of course stir constantly don't need) and went about his business. If water or milk is strongly began to boil and turned on the stove, it turns off automatically. Of course when compared to a conventional oven, a lot of advantages. Even an induction stove saves power, she did not need time to warm up yourself first, and then the dishes. The only thing that utensils should be special for induction furnaces, such as aluminum and glass is not suitable.

Jun 13, 2013 by

easy to use, low cost, solid, full induction

no noisy

Good day! I want to share with You my impressions from the use of induction hob Electrolux EHD60020P. Specifications are intentionally not listed, there is plenty of information on the Internet. Describe your experience.This is my first induction hob, but has a number of disadvantages, which are obvious for a beginner in cooktops:) Cons:-panels have no frames and when installed broke off a small piece. Not critical, but unpleasant. And I chose the panel without the frame, so...her own fault.the touch buttons respond to any touch. Water, towel, cap, no matter what you accidentally touch a panel instantly responds. It's very uncomfortable!-noisy. It seems to me that there are quieter models. The rest of the pros:- Cooks quickly - do Not "fail"- is Easy to operate. Easily washed In General, I like a model. The ratio price-quality. But friends would advise to look for the panel, as a minimum, with frame! The rest of my budget appliances:Refrigerator http://irecommend.ru/content/dvukhkamernyi-kholodilnik-gorenje-rk60300dw... machine http://irecommend.ru/content/posudomoechnaya-mashina-electrolux-esl-6350... wardrobe http://irecommend.ru/content/elektricheskii-dukhovoi-shkaf-gorenje-bo533... machine http://irecommend.ru/content/gorenje-ws-512-syw-1

May 21, 2013 by

For several years, use of induction hob Electrolux EHD60020P. General impression - good. A decent model for relatively little money. And if we consider the fact that I only used gas stoves and electric Soviet, it's just the tale, not the stove!!First, let's talk about the advantages:- easy management, has the capacity fast heating for each ring stove - maximum power-water boils faster than the kettle (with a gas stove I don't even compare - they are in different "weight categories"))- the surface plate is practically not heated, which is very safe, especially if you have children - due to the fact that little heat loss, saves energy - has a timer - there is a stop button (STOP) that allows you to instantly stop the operation of the cooker (if it is not turning off the stove), and button return to the previous mode. - when water gets on the control panel turns off and beeps. It's good when, for example, boiling soup and you're in the other room. Stove, and off, and warn)) - easy to clean, but sometimes stains remain - stylish spatrisano and a little about the shortcomings:- if the work is noisy! in principle, not annoying, but it was an unpleasant surprise((- sometimes, wet fingers do not react in emergency situations have to wipe his hands on the Bathrobe ((- each press makes a sound (although this can be attributed to the advantages)

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