Electrolux EHG 6415 X

- All burners: 4

- Gas burners: 4

- Panel location: front

- Connection method: gas hob


Dec 8, 2012 by

little space, poor location of the burner.

Cooking plates so close to each other that at the same time put a pot of 2-3 liters and the pan is a standard size just not possible! Something that is closer to the switch will fall on your feet! And if you put, for example, a frying pan and a small saucepan to make 1 liter, the pot only half is over the fire, mostly pen! In General a complete nightmare? Tell me to cook soup and second, if there is a constant danger to scald her knees! The only plus,she's beautiful! But if I knew about these shortcomings before, never would have bought!

Jul 10, 2012 by

gas control

little space, poor location of the burner.

From pluses only that ran the food stays on the panel and will no longer leaked.More minuses:1. the electronic ignition you have to wait 5-9 seconds, all the while he wildly bursting. Sometimes even not lit. Therefore, to turn the stove quietly, so that nobody heard, for example, while everyone is sleeping is simply impossible.2. It's small!!! It simply does not fit pot of soup and pan at the same time. The horror!!! It is impossible to cook several dishes at the same time! Not to mention the fact that you can cook on all four burners at the same time. It's just science fiction.3. It is small and a large burner is placed near the wall. Mom plastic moldings on a brand new kitchen (by the way not very cheap)just became a hill. Because the fire is large,( often need to use this burner)and this fire has just constructed plinth!!! So if you sometimes warm kettle and fry eggs at the same time, I do not advise to buy it!!!

Dec 19, 2011 by

gas control

poor location of the burner.

Remained dissatisfied with this model! Comforce too far apart to the edges, if you put the frying pan on front of stove, then the edge is too shifted to the handles - very unstable work (in this case, the flame center), or put the pan steadily (but in this case the flame with one hand). Generally very inconvenient to use. Plus the handles get heated that it's impossible for the oven to turn off with bare hands, gloved ((, the Producers had to make the location of the handles on the side or change the position of the stove burners (one front one back and two sides)So that a weak C grade...

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