Electrolux EHH 6540 FOK

- All burners: 4

- Panel location: front

- Connection method: electric cooking plate


Feb 22, 2015 by

ease of operation, instant heat

The period of ownership of this hob less years, during this period, she never fail" and not hung. Works perfectly! Undemanding in care, children with safe, economical, prompt and rapid, generally cold and calculating such a "thing"))))))). Will do the trail. cons - when you turn the mode on the most powerful - 13-14 starts to whistle, do not try to understand why and why..just accept it). To gradation up to "3" almost nothing does not cook ( porridge then you can do that), basically cooking is 8-11.And that's what my "BUT" deviate from the qualitative descriptions of this "cooking" - and I will say the following - I saw the hob and terribly did not want an induction (my husband insisted), because of the ambiguity of the "good-"harm" (like the microwave oven - I - categorically against), the Internet is little data about this, a little research..confused and still her physically-the technical part. For the technical mind of course, and they all say, nothing wrong with this method of cooking there, but humanly, I doubt the benefit is, and me not so important what's cooking less than usual at the time-I care use In General 1000 times think to take or not to take the induction, assess all aspects of the use of acquisition and not only benefits and savings (consumes less electricity, spend less time cooking and cleaning)...and..etc. is something spiritual and useful in food cooked on "induction"?

Jan 15, 2014 by

ease of operation, instant heat, not

Purchased this cooktop about a year ago, can write a review based on my own experience.Advantages:1) INDUCTION!!! Yes no gas there and some do not lie,I was previously a fan of gas stoves, they say, so exactly regulated by heating, it is possible to disable and not remove the pan, etc. But after the induction I would definitely thrown a gas stove from home.Water boils faster than the kettle. When cooking from the kitchen is better not to go, all very quickly prepared. Burners regulated by a slider from 0 to 14,quickly get used to, at first direct was partying with her husband, with a finger here and there drove.2) No stupid frame around the edge of her fucking clogged with dirt, which would be a neat hostess.3) Buster - I understand, though I may be mistaken, that when you enable this function (the P button is the rightmost on the panel power adjustment) power from all of the burners is transmitted to one. Well, here at the water begins to boil in seconds. If the water for the dumplings boil, and eat like - this is for You.4) Looks stylish that no 5) When the pan is removed off immediately, at first beeps and gives a F. Who was frying pancakes on induction, he knows how important this is. Who are not roasted, you know - this Manonyane (I wouldn't call it flaws):1) Black color. After purchasing me a slow cooker I completely spilled on the stove and started to cook. But as the dust quickly sits down and you can see it very black. 2) Well, about "to change all the dishes on the Yandex.market every second complained about the need to change up). Girls, well, admit it to yourself though - there is so nice)))) But expensive, Yes. For reference - pan and a ladle from IKEA (there is such a set, with pots and a bucket) a very decent, nothing in them does not stick.In many discussions I read that this stove - analogue ikeevskogo panel tidlig. Not so, the power from ikeevskogo smaller. But if you decide to connect the panel to the network yourself then download on the website of IKEA manual connection Tidlig, very they are all available simple townsfolk. EDITED REVIEW! Six months later (!!!) butting with the service center and after threats to write the application in Prosecutor's office, we switched the hob on a new (but. remove and install again at our expense), because the timer avtoonline we have stubbornly worked panel was beeping, but not turning off. Recognized the marriage. I do not know whether it is possible at once to check for pick out a panel of countertops - a dubious pleasure...

Sep 25, 2013 by

So today, let's talk about another superomedia in the kitchen! Namely, the recessed cooking panel Electrolux EHH 6540 FOK.About this cooking surface can tell only the good. Let's start:- all 4 burners Sensornye on all burners is a function of rapid boiling ( 5 gallons to a boil in 6-7 minutes)-have function of protection of children-each burner has a timer (at the end of the timer the cooking zone is deactivated)-a handy feature known as "stop & go" - this will come in handy when the burners an urgent need to leave, press this button and all the burners off, after pressing enables all the burners who worked in the regimes that they had previously set.-management Lagernoe, ie, you immediately set the desired temperature.- wide temperature range from 1 to 14 there is residual heat indicator - when boiling liquids on the stove is automatically switched off, ie you have to the plate nothing will burn - very easy to clean-relatively inexpensive, in comparison with konkurencyjnoscia the hob is very fast,compared to conventional glass ceramic and this is the only what at the beginning you will have to get used to. But get used to good things very quickly! But you still need something from the cooking surface in addition to these functions?

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