Electrolux EHS 60210 P

- All burners: 4

- Ceramic hobs: 4

- Panel location: front

- Connection method: electric cooking plate


Sep 26, 2014 by

timer, child lock, power

very hot touch pad

After completion of the repairs in the kitchen, there was a question in the selection of new appliances. Plate we had an old, even the name not remember. Husband really wanted the cooktop, they say you need to keep up with the times. In the store dazzled, one better than the other, chose Electrolux. I must say, on these boards I knew nothing, us seller briefly told how to take care of it all. (Important not to cook on the stove if there are sugar crystals) To operate the stove for more than a year. What can I say:"+" It very quickly heats up, the heating element is under the pan. There is a timer at the end of time gives the signal. Maximum time the cooking for 1 or 1.5 hours after the time the stove is turned off, it is like protect, all of a sudden you left home and forgot to turn off preparing food. Protection of children is the most important thing. When we plate put in, our cat got into the habit night for her walk and could inadvertently touch touch panel, and to fry the sensor is sound if it is annoying you can remove will only hear the clicks."-" About this drawback we have not even thought of. There are times when you have to cook a lot, for example one dish was prepared, I turn off the stove (th her nothing to work on preparing products to a second dish, stove must be included. And the touchpad is very hot, only have time to turn on (1 sec.) and to remove the protection from the children to set power, you can't, you need to keep your finger on the icon for 8 seconds. so you can burn to get. Or when I cook something and protection is already set, and then you need something else to cook, then to turn on another burner, you need to remove this protection. In General, I never thought the touchpad would be so hot. And the protection we have all the time necessary, as in the house a curious cat and a small child. Wait for the cool down bar there is no time for a long time.. So my husband came up with a way with a spoon, just put your finger through the spoon to the sign remove the protection and it is removed and her fingers. Even when water enters the touch panel, it can accidentally turn on the burners. (This applies to cooking, not 20-30 minutes, and when cooked an hour or more to a large power)At the expense of caring for her, no sponge it does not take back seared staining can still clear. Use regular metal sonic and powder. Here hedgehog no scratches, the paint does not come off, and the pans and pots have minor scratches and some stains but it's not dirt, and the color of the glass or what has changed. I don't know how to use it need to maintain its appearance, well, not perfect, but at least decent. Probably to find a special dish, with a good bottom, not the Soviet pots I have left from mom + after each cooking, carefully remove the traces from falling on a plate of food, don't leave it all dried out.Use power is always 6-9. less not see the point, don't understand what's on 1-4 can be reheated and how much time it takes? Easier to put in the microwave and faster.Overall despite the cons panel happy.

Jun 2, 2013 by

there is a sleep timer on all hotplates, lightweight ,compact

Use this panel 1.5 years., can't say I loved it. In principle, copes 5 +, heats very quickly., pleases and that fact is important - the function of smoothline. I also like that visible heating plates (hot or not). Now for the cons.., I have to say that this is my first acquaintance with electrical panel., and I was not ready, to ensure that she will quickly dirty.. and minor splashes of water, about oil, I generally keep quiet - the plate from terrible - as if it hadn't been cleaned for weeks.. After cleaning.. after a while there is a speck of dust that immediately attract attention... so from this point the vision Board is not functional! But on the other hand it looks very stylish, and reviews of friends cooking this type - all of the same type. The result: even knowing all these disadvantages, I would still chose this type of model..

Dec 15, 2011 by

there is a sleep timer on all burners, fry very much

stuck buttons, all drawn Stralis burners

Plate this I have already 4 years. All of the major devices that are in the modern cooking surfaces, it has large plates you can select the area of the heated (depending on the size of the pan), have a hotplate for pots, elongated form, can be assigned to each burner off time,and can be programmed all 4.Now the cons: repeatedly jammed the button, and sometimes just scary: the stove is turned to maximum and the decrease button and fire off plates do not work! With wet hands, it is impossible for these buttons to press - simply do not work. Same with the control buttons "+" and "-" - often can't click them. And when you consider that the kitchen hands are often wet, it is generally very unpleasant. Then paint, which painted burners,All chipped and blackened,and the oven now looks unattractive. It is very difficult to clean even with the included scraper, especially when they become cleaned where painted paint.stripped even so That it is now not visible at all,where the ring is,if it is not included (it becomes red). Nevertheless, the stove cooks well, high just monster fries like crazy. Faster electric water kettle on the burner boils. But what plate is turned (the photo is not for the faint of heart,stovetop dirty and stripped paint!)

Sep 10, 2011 by

lightweight ,compact, you can carry and install anywhere, saves up to 50% El. energy

to connect need a specialist

Very robust and easy to operate panel for cooking.Everything you can only dream realized in the panel.Can use Housewives with no secondary education and even blondes.Acceptable to the average citizen of Ukraine price.Compared to common stoves on the standard metal heating elements saves up to 50% El. energy. Automatically shuts off when getting products produced on the panel surface.

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