Elenberg BD-8826C

- Type: tongs

- Type of forceps: pad

- The number of modes: 1


Oct 28, 2015 by

25-30 watt ceramic compact, does not spoil hair, price

long heated

I have long wanted to change the image, and to be honest hair tired of hairstyles, varnishes and gels. I grew my native straight hair, I have a rare hair color, everyone thinks I dye it, and I have the beauty of nature. So classic smooth bangs and straight long hair. I thought that was it. With different styling done. But no. Hair still bristling, and even straight, but hung like icicles, which is odd. I decided to buy a rectifier. Honestly I took the easiest. Since it is not planned to do hair only for the tips and chelochki. I was very pleased. I use it almost every day. Hair does not burn as tongs ceramic, the capacity is also safe for all standards of 25-30 Watts. Those who want to do curls is not suitable as a working surface small. That is still small, a lot of places don't take, you can take on the job. Is heated long, but that's a plus. So will not spoil the hair. In General, I was satisfied. Also, I note that they are very convenient to tuck bangs, much easier than a Curling iron or Hairdryer, especially if you have it straight. For the tips and bangs definitely recommend. You can also slightly tighten.Other reviews: Cheap Android 4G http://irecommend.ru/content/nedorogoi-android-s-4-g-internetom-otzyv-osobenno-polezen-dlya-kazakhstana Kettle super bubbles!http://irecommend.ru/content/vot-eto-puzyrki

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