- Mounting type: without attachment

- Headphone: mini jack 3.5 mm

- Cable length: 1.5 m

- View: plug-in ("plugs")

- Connection: with wire

- Headphone type: reinforcing


Oct 9, 2015 by

I bought a pair of these in 2005 after using a pair of Sennheiser HD25-II for the previous 5 years. The mid-range is a revelation, but found all the added detail tiring at first, before I became accustomed to the sound. Bass-wise they did seem a bit lacking, but ensuring a snug fit with the foam tips (and replacing them when needed) does make a significant difference. I also tried them briefly with a cheap Fiio E5 headphone amp and that improved the bass, but didn't test for long enough to find out if other aspects had deteriorated. I could certainly wear my ER4Ps with the foam tips for hours on end, they are light and comfortable. But yes the shirt clip is essential for that, and that in itself is a bit annoying. Unfortunately, I lost my pair in 2011 and have been debating what to replace them with. In the interim, I bought a pair of Klipsch X10i but they only lasted 2 years before developing a cable fault due to the straight headphone jack (not sure why manufacturers think they are a good idea for portable use), and really did not sound anywhere near as good. I think with custom silicon moulds the ER4Ps would sound even better than with foam tips. But if I'm going to go to those lengths, I'm tempted to break the bank and get some ACS earphones, as they don't protrude from the ear. Am just worried about getting sweaty ears.

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