Fujifilm FinePix HS25EXR

- Optical Zoom: 30x

- Type autofocus: contrast

- Camera type: digital

- Size: 131x91x126 mm

- Maximum resolution: 4608 x 3456

- The type of matrix: CMOS

- The total number of pixels: 16 million

- Flash: built-in, suppression of effect of red-eye Shoe


Jun 30, 2014 by

After he covered ultrazoom on my Canon PowerShot SX10 IS, I was left without a camera as without hands. I'm digging on the Internet long, around 2 weeks. Chose. I watched the assortment in the shops, but nothing worthwhile in the city. Everything is either very expensive or looks like a cheap Chinese fake.Eventually settled on the FUJIFILM FinePix HS25 EXR and FinePix HS30 EXR. Chose the first, mainly because my requirements are the ability to use removable rechargeable batteries.And not lost. Great workhorse. I figured that in 3 years of use made it almost 8 thousand pictures (and maybe more).Cameratop camera timofeevskoye distance (35 mm equivalent) 24 - 720 morticelli Zoom 30 F2.8 - F5.6 (although more exposed, then I do not understand?)The number of optical elements 15 groups optical elements 11 the number of pixels 16 minchillo effective pixels 16 mlnister 1/2"Crop factor 5.41 Max resolution 4608 x 3456 matrix Smashville 100 - 3200 ISO, Auto Onassurance ISO values ISO6400, ІЅ12800ы vozmozhnostiami white automatic, manual setting, from spicespice built-in, suppression of effect of red eyes, busmastering images (photographing) optical, shift Matricaria chemimechanical estragon burst estimer estiverem operation of timer 2, 10 format frame (photography) 4:3, 3:2, 16:9 and LCD kranwinkel electronicsonline screen as a viewfinder, ESTEC-screen, 460000 dots, 3 dimatap LCD screen povertyecosystem 30 - 1/4000 srochna setting of shutter speed and aperture ectatomminae treatment exposure shutter priority, with priority varamiespalvelu +/- 2 EV in increments of 1/3 stupenyami expositionally, common (Evaluative), touchnavigation autofocus autofocus contrastivity strucna focus estimonials shooting distance 0.01 Namath and InterfaceType memory cards SD, SDHC, internal memory SDXC 25 Mbformat image JPEGы USB 2.0, video, HDMI, audiobitrate batteries AA-batteries sovmestitelstvo 4 battery 400 photographythis videos and zvukozapisi video antiformat video recording MOV MPEG4 resolution videos 19201080 frame rate of the video 320 fps with a maximum frame rate when shooting HD-video 25/30 frames/with at permission 1280x720 and 19201080 sound esto cons. They are few, they are not critical, but they are annoying.- hideous viewfinder. From FUJIFILM is cameras with an improved viewfinder, but they came with built-in battery. So I had to sacrifice something.- a lot of programs. A lot of settings. Very many buttons. To slightly change the configuration, you need the wheel to turn so, from the menu, select that and switch back. Remember the what-where-how unrealistic. Then either choose the basic components, or to carry the user.In principle, I have no regrets in my choice. He has a lot of advantages.- manual zoom, which shall not suddenly break down to 30-fold, if I am not mistaken, optical zoom - good quality, and the transfer of the color - decent image stabilization (although the Canon even the previous generation it was better)- there is a turning display - the camera is comfortable to hold, not very heavy.- the price is less, quality is more.On this camera you can get sooo high quality and artistic pictures. The main thing is to make all the settings. Only after 1.5 years I decided to get acquainted with the buttons. Before this shot mostly in auto-mode. It turned out that this is difficult. Manual conversion, and the Fuji cameras on the Internet reviews very little. Only by trial and error.This camera has one function-assistant. On the panel lights up the little green bulb. If the light is constant, so You do everything correctly and optimally set the settings. As soon as it starts to flash, so the photo may be not really from the technical side. caught the flight smestorage flower of geranium. Closed aperture f8.ISO100, focal length of 23.7 (my photo equivalent focal length obtained 135). Flash. Better to see once than to talk a lot. Tried to show how to remove different shades of color.

Apr 21, 2014 by

lots of manual settings, good zoom, nice picture quality** solid design**, price

the viewfinder is rather weak, no hood in the kit,but it does not matter))

On this model camera have been eyeing for a long time,a lot of reading on the Internet reviews about it and not so long ago purchased this camera**,in use I have it a month and I am very happy with the purchase**.Took network DNC for the price of 8.490 rubles,included 4 AA batteries,strap,lens cap,USB cable,cable, AV,and manual.The camera is not mirrored,it psevdozerkalka,the build quality is excellent,the body is plastic is excellent quality,rubberized on the sides,has a lot of controls that looks not inferior to the SLR patikam,well, the picture quality is also good**,soap with manners SLR photos are very nice**.So looks camera- A great display with a swivel screen,the viewfinder is also present,though not of very good quality,I almost never use,zoom is great!,very convenient that it can be controlled manually.Video I shoot,bought only for shooting photos,of course tried to remove the video,generally the video quality is also not bad,but inferior to DSLRs of course**.The camera lies comfortably in the hand,weight 730 grams(with batteries).In General, for the same amount this is a great purchase**,this does well to FOTA,then you can SLR camera to buy,there are plenty of manual settings,you can fantasize and experiment**.Of course, I have not quite delved into the settings,photographed mostly on the machine**still to learn)).If someone asks a question-"to buy or not to buy" this model Fujica,we recommend to buy**,decent camera,looks solid,a lot of options, and pictures of happy, in contrast to conventional cameras**.Will submit a few photos with him .

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