- Moisture measurement: indoors, outdoors, in the range of 30 - 80%

- Measurement of temperature (OUT): there


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neat appearance, low price, good functionality

me not yet identified

To begin with, my husband is a fisherman, and with his conversations, I now know that fish as well as the person feels the changes in atmospheric pressure. And every preparation for the fishing trip he was accompanied by the study of the weather forecasts, and in particular pressure.On February 23 I decided to make my husband a useful gift, and bought a weather station.Compact is nearly flat dimensions mm 12017810 , blonde, not too flashy. You can put on the table, but it is better secured to the wall - which we did. In General, she looked very simpatichnenko..Measures internal and external temperature, internal and external humidity, reflects the dynamics of atmospheric pressure over the last your of day, shows the weather forecast for the day ahead, it has clock, alarm clock, usual calendar and the lunar calendar. Battery operated.Had a little trouble with external sensor - it needs ideally the North side, and we have all of the Windows face South.. as we have the first floor and has no balcony, attached almost at the angle of repose of the window on the outside. there is good ventilation and rain does not fall, well the sun at least.Outdoor readings, when compared with the thermometer, accurate enough, of course could be accurately, if not South side. However, do not think this is critical, as previous years have learned, for the reliability, subtract 2° from the thermometer on the window glass.And internal, without any complaints.With our home assistant we can easily control our air washer, a review about it here http://irecommend.ru/content/chtoby-nosik-vashego-malysha-dyshal-legko the end!!!And now I always know whether to bring a umbrella:)))))

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