Hansa BHC64335040

- All burners: 4

- Ceramic hobs: 4

- The panel material: glass ceramics

- Panel location: front

- Panel type: electric cooking plate


Jan 27, 2012 by

Loved the stove, but I'm confused about power. Tell me about the plate Hansa BHC64335040 there the characteristics of low power heating elements 0.8 kW, 1.1 kW , 1.7 kW. You have to prepare? I have a family of 4 people. As for example, boiling a liter of water on the burner 1.1 kW?

Sep 10, 2011 by

beautiful, easy to clean, touch control panel

About two years I was circling around this thing. I love things unusual, beautiful and functional. And yet I bought it. We purchased it in 2010 about 15 thousand in Technosila. The design is great all the zodiac signs, not just about the design, case scratches nothing will be seen. Heats up great, 2 round extension, it is convenient for utyatnitsu, pans. Bar full touch, easy to handle, has a child lock. In contact with bar towels and other items reported by beeping. To clean perfectly creamy by any means. If heavily soiled, especially when she escapes milk or broth to clean the special metal spatula. In General I am delighted with my creative girlfriends cooking surface.))

Jul 6, 2011 by

beautiful, easy to clean, does not need special care, allows you to save power, touch control panel

With a glass cooktop for the first time, an experienced mother-in-law. Certainly a thing comfortable and very stylish. But her panel had a major drawback: it was difficult to wash. Every time he cooked a dinner plate we had to wash and RUB to a Shine. Because she was glossy black, with a silver metal trim. The usual home remedies to wash it it is impossible – according to the promise of the manufacturer, covered with blue stains, and specialized tools are not just expensive, but fucking expensive.So when the time came for me to choose the panel for myself, I definitely wanted a glass, but not black. Long search was not necessary literally in the first shop came across on the Hob Hansa Zodiak BHC64335040 and fell in love with her. Well, a very pretty thing! Will tell you that all glass-ceramic panels are only afraid of the chips (i.e. the knife tip down on it you can not throw) and sugar. Getting on a hot stove, the sugar melts, and when you are trying to clean it cold, is lagging behind along with a piece of glass, i.e. panel is a fossa. Therefore, if the sugar still woke up, gently remove it with a knife with a hot plate (being careful not to smudge) and wipe with a dry cloth. No temperature extremes and heavy pots glass ceramic is not afraid.Now about the "pros" of this particular model (because they are in it just yet).1.Beautiful, stylish, original. With it hardly who will argue. The interior looks very interesting. (See. photo)2.Very easy to care for. I confess: I am a young mother, and I have no time to wash the oven after each cooking. My it, at best, in the evening, and usually – once in 2-3-4 days. It is very well washed ordinary home remedies! No super-expensive cleaners, "the protections of the glass-ceramic", the scrapers are not required! Just lather and wash off. Picture: my plate – she is 4 years and my assistants in the care of her Laundry soap, and Cinderella to glass-ceramic (14 rubles), Cif Cream and a sponge for washing dishes "Spitfire." 3.Missing stainless steel frame. It is really a plus. For stainless steel hard to care for: it shows every speck of dust, fingerprint, and even a drop of water leaves a divorce. In addition, the frame constantly fills the remnants of the fat and clean out their not very comfortable.4.Very convenient expanding rings, in the panel two of them. I.e. for a small pan heated the middle of the burner, and for large – burner entirely. Energy savings!5.Touch control directly on the panel. About the same time plus found out only when my daughter grew up. The child presses buttons and turns knobs, because they are not! In addition, there is a panel lock function – set of paws will not be able to turn it on! 6.Heats up quickly and remains hot for a long time. The meat I cook on slow heat for 30 minutes, then turn off the stove, cover the pan with a lid and a couple of kitchen towels. In an hour you can easily cook soup. I highly recommend the Hob Hansa Zodiak BHC64335040.Note. Immediately after installation, when enabled, a bar exudes a rather strong chemical burnt smell. This is not a drawback: burn protective film on the inner side of the panel. It will take a day or two and the smell will disappear.

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