Hotpoint-Ariston HBD 1201.4 NF H

- The total amount: 327 l

- The number of cameras: 2

- Color / Material coating: white / plastic

- Climate class: SN, ST


Dec 23, 2013 by

Good day!Opinion about the refrigerator of my dreams. Before that was a Soviet pole, well disposed and gave the students bought HOTPOINT/ARISTON HBD 1201.4 NF H. - runs silently - the indicator is not closed door - an electronic display where you can adjust temperature of freezer and refrigerator separately - No frost system, applicable for freezer and refrigerator. No need to defrost. The coat is not reached.- form under the ice.pretty, the ice is quickly done. - also, there are modes of fast freezing, fast cooling drinks, and vacation mode ( when the house would be empty, the refrigerator will operate with minimal electricity consumption - that is due to the fact that the door will not open and the chill is not lost),the lock from children.Well, I still need to read the manual to understand why you need another 2 options) . In General, roomy, excellent crisper drawer. That's just the refrigerator, I was plagued with its beeping, I thought faulty, is put on the door heavy bottle, on it was difficult to shut and beeped about it.Honestly we got him quite cheap for 10 thousand, he was with a defect in the carriage, hesitated, included worked, so I took it.

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