HP 650

- Code processor: 1000M

- Core processor: Haswell / Ivy Bridge / Sandy Bridge

- Processor type: Celeron / Core i3 / Core i5 / Pentium


Jan 20, 2013 by

good price for such a machine.

operating system

Start with the fact that our savings involves the purchase of apparatus not more than 10,000, it was urgent. Initially, the choice fell on the netbooks, chose long and painfully until you've stumbled on HP 650. The price is more or less democratic, outwardly without the bells and whistles in design.Before describing the pros and cons I should note that I'm not a great programmer, just an ordinary user (slightly advanced )+++++++1. Of course the first plus is the price. Bought it for 99002. Matte screen - I don't even care what, but write that Matt is the best(maybe the keyboard will not leave traces on the monitor 3. A sufficient number of hours of work. 6 hours.4. Brand HP maintained in most ROS. cities therefore warranty service no problems 5. Sound - not super loud, but not quiet as for LENOVO, 6. Contains all the necessary bells and whistles : Bluetooth, webcam, wi-fi7. 2 gb of RAM-------1. OSes Lenox.....fu. Perhaps it is just not used. Control panel 2. not a full keyboard - no digital parts.You can throw another 1 Tr, and buy ASUS full keyboard, but why is the HP trust more.

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