Kaiser KG 20.290 GR

- All burners: 2

- Gas burners: 2

- Panel location: front

- Connection method: gas hob


Apr 22, 2015 by

gas control, compact

Have opted for a rented apartment, well, not really chosen, it just was the only one in the store, and I had to buy the hob. I can say that the price it is average. Probably, if the second time will choose a little gas the surface, it will not buy. In General, the size of the burners 4 and 9 cm which Is normal distance to deliver a large pot and the kettle is enough. I did not like that the ignition button, although as anyone, but I'm not comfortable with. Still never take the surface of stainless steel, apparently accustomed to the enamel. Just enamel I brushed the medium that eats fat, but the enamel in this case was nothing but stainless steel at the same time my hurt. So now it's all stained. Grille I also did not like, better than cast iron, the pots are more stable.Suggest before you buy the hob is good to analyze all the pros and cons. Just for the price, I could get a better cooking surface.

Nov 25, 2014 by

Technologically, we were satisfied with our gas surface. Children cannot reach the knobs, the gas is switched immediately, and must hold, until you run spark. But upset ekspluatatsionnaya, aesthetics. the Stainless steel was affected after the first harvest.. I wiped with a sponge, traces and scratches forever. Any fat, if it is short saiti, is likely to remain in it forever, even a small barely noticeable stains, but still. After any cooking when a little spilled water or something falls on the surface, it is necessary to wash, because it is VERY visible mess. No, we're not pigs, just so the surface stresses of minor missteps, than, for example, ceramic. I am very sorry that I didn't buy white ceramic built-in gas surface..

Apr 25, 2011 by

stepless temperature control, gas control, compact, availability of enhanced burners, great design, simple and easy to use, maintenance and installation, electronic

it is not revealed

This gas hob is a godsend for those who have a small family, or for those who have little cooking at home. It's modern, it fits in almost any design, compact, very simple and easy to use, care for and install.The panel is made of stainless steel. Easy to clean, not only with special expensive tools, but the most common and cheapest (but not powder, they can scratch the surface).Has a pair of plates of various diameter: small 4cm and enhanced 9 see equally use one or the other, but predpochetayu small. For example, it makes an excellent coffee. Enhanced use, if meals need to be cooked quickly, for example, the morning porridge. The switches are winged. All familiar with long time + infinitely variable temperature adjustment. More about them will say.Has electropages. It features: once lit the flame, you must hold the button ignition and poverty switch several seconds, or the flame will go out. This is due to the fact that the burner has a gas control.The presence of gas-control ensures safety, i.e. cuts the gas supply if suddenly for any reason the flame goes out. So something with the ignition and takes a few seconds to warm the thermocouple device.Lattice enameled. I do not argue that the iron much more practical. But this surface reshetochka much more graceful. And finally, a drop of tar: to the corners of the grid was attached a small black clip. Apparently they perform some function (I can't say exactly). So, they over time under the influence of high temperature deteriorated. I took them off. No change. Their absence has no impact, as if they were never there. And another important point: the choices for this brand stopped on the advice of a gasman.Well, here is the brief description. I use this surface for about three years. No complaints no disappointments.

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