Korting HK 6305 BX

- All burners: 4

- Ceramic hobs: 4

- Panel location: front

- Connection method: electric cooking plate


Dec 18, 2014 by

2.5 years ago my husband chose cooktop Korting HK 6305 BX. Chose her husband but the review I write, since cooking is mainly a woman's occupation.Recessed ceramic glass cooktop black, with right and left side frame with beveled edges stainless steel. Panel width 60 cm 4 burners/cooking zones, one of them with a round extension, the second oval. The burners heat up quickly. Control type - touch. Control is possible by one touch (all buttons), but you can't touch (just hold your finger over the button - save button on / off). The control panel is located conveniently - located at the bottom. 1. button on/off;2. buttons to activate burners;3. the power button extensions burners;4. button increase/decrease (power/or cooking time);5. button activation timer (like the timer sound loud;6. button enable/disable the "Stop and go";7. button lock/ child lock;plate cleaning is carried out with special means for this type of plates. Difficult to clean contamination with a scraper - comes.The big disadvantages of the panel I have not found. But on the glass ceramic surface can be spot from the wrong dishes and of course "afraid" strikes.

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