Leran E 16402 BV

- All burners: 4

- The panel material: glass ceramics

- Panel location: front

- Panel type: electric cooking plate


Jul 19, 2014 by

useful functions, full induction, easy to use, price


When ordering a new kitchen, I decided to finally replace old faithful "Dream" embedded miracle) at First I thought about a conventional electric cooking surface, but my father suggested to look at induction (if they were not so common). In my view she looked like some luxury with sky-high price.Came into the store and began to torture the consultant), the Price ranged from 10 000 RUB to 40 000 RUB. As such a significant difference I felt between them (all induction, all have auto off, timer, lock), but was more expensive with the issues)))the Consultant and the Director (a friend) of the shop advised us the induction of the company Leran (China), at a price similar to conventional stovetop, but induction))). In the store it cost about 12 000 rubles. Brought home)))found that happiness was not the limit) Features:1) the Installation is not dependent (oven you can buy what you want) sizes;2) easy Four burners of different diameter size (2 small, 2 bigger);3) Very rapid heating (water in a saucepan to boil for 1 minute!!!!The first time my milk ran out, now adapted to a rapid-heating;4) Heating plates depending on the diameter of the pan (for example put a small pan on a large burner, heat is not the whole ring, but only the space under the pot);5) Timer burners (set the cooking time and I can safely leave home, I so often do when pressed for time); 6) Automatic shut-off if water or, if you remove the pan from the burner (you will not burn, therefore it is very easy to clean as well as securely (I'll never forget how I slipped home from guests, to turn off the chicken (thought not turned off);7) Blocking of the surface (the button in the shape of a key will not allow the child to turn the stove down to a given mode, etc.); Residual heat indicator after switching off the burner, it continues to burn until its temperature reaches a safe level);9) Easy to manage, care and installation (to cope with it even a 5 year old child and do not be afraid of the prices of detergents for ceramic plates, so I'm just an ordinary sponge and FAE);10) All your actions are accompanied by loud "bleep") I do Not know whether it is possible to disable this sound but I like it);11) Lights red (all numbers, letters, dash, etc.); 12) Beveled edge (without aluminum edges).Of course I had to upgrade the utensils for cooking (yay!!!yay!!!). For this type of plates suitable cookware with magnetic bottom. It is easy to check, just attach the magnet (I took from the fridge) to the outside bottom of the pan and see magnetic-suitable, it's not magnetic-not suitable. I had to buy a set of pots and pans set, as of old only came in enamel mug) Over a year of not have any (TTT) complaints. If You are still puzzled by the question about the choice of a simple plate or induction, my advice, take the induction and YOU WILL be HAPPY...!!!RECOMMEND!!! Thank you for your attention)UPDATE 16.02.2016: Newly formed chip on the edge,probably the husband accidentally dropped something. Therefore, without aluminum edges need to be careful. However, cleavage is not particularly visible, the plate as before works perfectly)))But it's still one of my assistants in the kitchen:1) Refrigerator Samsung2) a Set of pots Rondell :3) a Set of Tefal pans;4) tableware Luminarc;5) Cutlery Set Hoffburg.

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