- The total amount: 312 l

- The number of cameras: 2

- Color / Material coating: beige / plastic/metal


Feb 3, 2015 by

+stylish design, no frost, roomy, quiet, comfortable

Welcome!I want to share my impressions about the fridge of my dreams. This fridge freezer LG - just the pride of my kitchen. Oh, before favorite device was a washing machine BEKO, but now this luxury giant (height much as much as 190 cm, weight 77 kg) took the lead. As an ordinary housewife, I was absolutely unimportant what sort of specifications. The main condition was that:No Frost;Capacity;appearance. Shop from a wide range of products stood out it LG ga-b409seqa. And now we have him. I like this color the first time I see. Door glossy grey, similar to marble. While the sides as if made under the skin. A very unusual design.First of all I want to say that the original black notch-stick. To me, they seemed pretty uncomfortable. Even more unusual. With a full pot of borscht in the hands of you, the door will not open In the classic version handle easily poicephalus pinkie. But to an unusual handles quickly.Now let's see what's inside. Oh, Yes! It is spacious and very roomy. The volume of the refrigerating chamber is 225 liters, and freezer - 87 L. There are 4 glass shelves. There perfectly fit all my pots with homemade food. Convenient special compartment for vegetables, going forward.The side door was also roomy. Read in reviews, the disadvantage of this refrigerator is that compartment for small eggs - 8 PCs. Standard compartment airasca simple secret. This problem is easily solved In the store to buy eggs in plastic wrap. Extra cut. Inserted into the shelf. Compartment for eggs is ready. Homemade compartment for eggs :)Now freezer. The amazing thing is that she has a dry freeze. No need to thaw, as the ice freezes. It has 3 spacious drawers and special pull-out shelf where you can neatly put fresh cooked chicken or dumplings to freeze. Or put the ice tray... By the way, many write that the refrigerator is noisy. Personally, I with this statement do not agree. The previous single-chamber Atlas was much louder. Company logo in the upper right corner looks very stilnoe just in love with his assistant for the conservation products. Give him a solid 5+.P.S. Well, I managed to buy a fridge pre-Christmas price hikes. It cost us 19 000 rubles, and now for the same model have to pay about (!) 40 thousand...

Jan 23, 2015 by

+stylish design, roomy, not noisy, will last for years, comfortable

the door is hopping

Hello everybody!We have this fridge do not buy, we got it from their parents. They took a new, even greater, and we brought this. Him many years, will not say exactly how much, and he is really good!In the fridge top shelf cools a little stronger than the others. It's pretty handy: so, yesterday I put in the fridge to marinate chicken, and it had to hold more than a day. Not to worry that she'll disappear or something-right on the top shelf! There it cools more, and, in General, everything turned out, nothing was missing.Downside is the door that we have not regulated and badly shaken. That is, if you open the door, not holding, it or banging it on something (if anything behind it is) or will pass on its axis to the end (we even cracked a bit). So learn to work in the fridge with one hand holding the door!My advice: watch the refrigerator! Dispose of all old, because if the nasty smell of the refrigerator will begin there, "edit", then the products will be all to smell this refrigerator. such a fate yesterday caught up with our pie.(

Jan 22, 2015 by

+stylish design, roomy, not noisy, comfortable

no coasters for bottles

The refrigerator in the new apartment was going to buy another brand, but the store advised LG. At that moment he was even with the discount store.Color. Already didn't want a standard white, but metallic gray, these colors have become boring, especially because the kitchen was decorated in beige and peach colours and the most suitable option, as I thought, turned out to be beige. And the model is not performed just in a beige tone, but also marble, in General, looks very dignified and expensive. The height of the refrigerator to the optimal 195 cm is also considered the most convenient. Comparing with the size of the fridge at parents 200 cm on the top shelf always something stale and not very easy to see what's in there. And 195 cm - this level of visibility.Noise.As for the noise - I wrote that this model is noisy, and that even out of the room with the door closed you can hear it. But I want to say, in our kitchen there is a folding sofa as an extra bed, and at night can sleep, Yes, it hums, but it is tolerable, does not interfere with sleep. However my husband thought six months later was a little harder to make noise.Equipment. In the refrigerator has 4 shelves. Importantly, some manufacturers began to make refrigerators without the possibility of adjusting the height of the shelves ( i.e. you can't rearrange the shelf in the extra Slots to change the size of the distance between shelves) in this case, large pots and three-liter jars are not included. In this model, with adjustable height shelves, all is well, banks set))). + drawer divided into 2 parts fruit and vegetables.Tray for eggs only 8 eggs, so eggs stored in the cassette, and insert 8 eggs at all removed.Freezer has 4 drawers, the first narrow , it is convenient to store ice and something flat and 3 very large drawers. Functionality. The function of NO-frost is very pleasing that it is not necessary to defrost the refrigerator, in the freezer nothing numeratives, ice blocks do not hang. Again returning to the fridge of the parents who does not have this feature ( the seller assured them that it was from NO-frost products lose their freshness), but IT is not, this is my second refrigerator with this feature, and believe me the difference in wilting and loss of fresh no, and the time savings on the Fritz-it's a fact.Temperature display. Very convenient to set the temperature in the refrigerator and in the freezer. Has the function of disabling one of the cameras ( naprimer on vacation yne in the use of refrigeration, and leave enabled only the freezer - saves on electricity. Overall a very spacious, comfortable and beautiful refrigerator, recommend.Experience in the use of 10 months.The price at the time of purchase RUB 19980

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