- Type: compact hair dryer

- Power: 1600 W

- Additional modes: cold air supply


Nov 10, 2014 by

ionization, power 1600W, foldable handle

Good day! In this review I want to tell you about the hair dryer Magnit RMH-1226. Approached my journey and the road I needed to take a Hairdryer. I was drying my hair naturally and the hair dryer only uses mom. It so happened that at the same time mom went to another trip and took a Hairdryer. Then I had to get hold of their own. Need a cheap Hairdryer, the price of this was about 450r. The store salesman advised this model, because its capacity is very good among fans in this weight category, but still have the function of ionization.The hair is very well packaged. Externally it is Packed in this box. The back of the box lists the main functions of the dryer. From the outside of the box to pull out another one. Finally got to the content! The beautiful design of the dryer can not but rejoice. So, what I want to note: the dryer does not dry the hair. Ionisation function works: the hair doesn't overheat and even become smaller magnets. What else I noticed: using this dryer for the first time, I used a new shampoo Elseve , so perhaps some of the advantages that I found this shampoo belongs to the Hairdryer.In General, the dryer I really liked it. Perhaps now, in the winter, I sometimes abandon the hair drying naturally in favor of this dryer. In conclusion, I enclose a photo of hair, dried with a Hairdryer Magnit RMH-1226.

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