Maxwell MW-2023

- Type: Hairdryer

- Power: 2200 W

- Additional modes: supply cold air ionization

- The number of modes: 6


Mar 10, 2016 by

affordable price, lightweight, powerful, reliable, the function of ionization

not yet discovered

Good afternoon.Today I will tell you about his faithful and reliable assistant, the hair Dryer for hair. Maxwell MW 2023.I bought it about 3 years ago for about 800 rubles. I saw the prices in online stores today, this dryer costs about 1000rubley. Buying this dryer was deliberate, my former associate is not out of order, but it is not very well cope with their responsibilities. And I delved into the Internet, trying to choose the dryer that I need.My main requirements were:Power Availability cooling,Minimal damage to hair during the drying process,Price segment: low to medium,the Maximum possible while respecting the other features ease.And I picked out exactly what I need.Here are the main technical characteristics of the dryer Macwell Mw 2023:indicator +Ionization +the total Number of modes 6number of modes intensity of air flow 2 heating modes 3 2200 vasatka diffuser +Nozzle hub +Independent adjustment of heating and air flow +Loop for hanging +cool +Removable filter + thanks to my Hairdryer, I learned that there is a function of ionization, which sparing effect on hair and prevents its dehydration.The main advantage of this dryer is the positive effect that will have on your hair negatively charged ions. These particles, of course, are not able by themselves to cure and restore badly damaged hair, but they can weaken the harmful influence of hot air, and thus reducing harm to the regular hair drying and styling.I have to say, your hair dryer I am very pleased and would recommend it to everyone.I use it through the day, maybe my head every two days)Here are its major benefits:With its big power hair dryer lightweight, fits comfortably in your hand, Convenient switching temperature, activate the cooling hair one button. I use this mode once the hair has dried and nicely Packed, to consolidate the styling Very handy tip hub is big enough, but to direct the airflow exactly where you need it The showerhead diffuser I'm not appreciated. She was left lying somewhere in the cabinets... but sure, there are girls who will appreciate its presence,and most importantly, I think this dryer is really more gentle on my hair than the previous one. Of course, additional care has not been canceled, but my Hairdryer in a healthy way my hair good helper.As evidence a photo of my hair after blow-drying, without additional means of caring (just after a light balm) I think the hair looks healthy and moisturized)))

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