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Sep 17, 2015 by

quiet, built-in thermometer and hygrometer, disinfects the air, if you run out of water, it saturates the air with ozone doesn't leave any residue, the ozonizer maintains the specified humidity level, nice lighting, quiet, comfortable grip on the tank, moisturizes

We bought a humidifier ozonator air Miniland Ozonball a little over four months ago. I can say that this humidifier works silently, moisturizes the air and keeps the humidity level in the room, if it is running out of water, it automatically turns off.And now more.Ozonball not only humidifies the air but also due to the AG ions disinfects, and, in addition, saturates the air with ozone. After the first few days of use I can say that the dust in the room where the humidifier was much smaller, and the air was fresh, like after a thunderstorm.As far as I know, the company Miniland specializiruetsya for children's products, probably because the humidifier has developed quiet - the "it" for a child's bedroom, don't disturb even a light sleeper.The humidifier has an electronic scoreboard that can be set suitable settings, but the backlight if you wish, you can disable it.It is very simple to operate and program it easy for even an elderly person (our grandma cope). Displayed temperature readings, indoor humidity, which also testifies to the fact that the humidifier is suitable for children rooms.I also liked its unusual design – a kind of bun!And perfectly suited us for the room young master.

Sep 11, 2014 by

automatically turns off when running out of water, built in thermometer and hygrometer, display, doesn't leave any residue, ozone generator, moisturizes

emits a small rumble and gurgles when you shut down emits a short beep

We called it bomb because of the shape and the sounds he makes when you switch. It moisturizes as it should be, if necessary ozoniruet smells of ozone. You can put the time and intensity. When it is enabled, it knocks out a cold vapor illuminated in the dark scary sight. When the water ends, the beeping, the night is no fun. Breathe much better and sleep too, especially when you turn on the heating without it not to manage. The precipitate on the surfaces of leaves, fill it with filtered water.What I didn't like? It is round - it's nice from an aesthetic point of view, but not comfortable - not stable enough when being transported, can easily be filled due to the small slopes. He's not that quiet, especially in the silence of the night. Very hard to Unscrew the tube for water. In the end, he dropped and I would recommend beeping and moisturize. Went to the service center, which unfortunately we have one in town, where he said that these devices they do not mend, and write receipts on the exchange, if a case of warranty. And we have no warranty. Sorry, is 6 thousand, and nothing to do. In other workshops do not take, they don't even know what it is and where to get parts. Abandoned in the car, I thought if I don't find a workshop, then erase. It's in my trunk 2 weeks for a ride, freeze. And I decided to take it apart anyway to throw. Understand, and everything is OK, nothing is cracked, contact right. Plugged in and it work, really "to the top of the feet", and turn - again he beeps. The husband once again dismantled and it operational as it should be. In General, works.Buy well-known brands.

Dec 6, 2013 by

automatically turns off when running out of water, display, ozonator, moisturizes

emits a small rumble and gurgles, the blue backlight is not switched off

Decided to buy this moisturizer after reading many recommendations. The main thing that tempted reading the reviews and features - moisturizes well and is completely silent. After 3 days of use I will say this: moisturizes really well, the necessary level of humidity in the room is achieved pretty quickly. When turning on is cool the steam. Even breathing in a small room easier.BUT!!!! He's not so quiet. No rumble and no buzzing, of course, as cheaper devices. But for me, as a fan of absolute silence at night, even the quiet hum (like how noisy the computer is) is already an irritant. Plus the gurgling worse. Maybe for somebody these sounds and not interfere with sleep. But for me, the night spent with the instrument next to the bed, which is quiet noisy, squelching, but also equipped with a "wild" blue led light has become a nightmare. In the morning I just turned off and now include a day. But buy-it is for use at night.The conclusion is: with the basic functions humidifier copes really well. And if You have a sound sleep and not confused with other sounds, it is a very good device for the money (about 5000 rubles).Oh, by the way, the room temperature sensor we was initially faulty - always shows a minus of 9 degrees. Maybe not the most important function in this device, however, like to see everything worked properly (at least in the beginning). Waiting for replacement on the warranty card.

Jan 13, 2013 by

automatically turns off when running out of water, built in thermometer and hygrometer, doesn't leave any residue, ozone generator, quiet

unable to cope with a large room, when you press the buttons it beeps

Of the drawbacks is that if you install max values on the humidifier can humidify up to 100%, and when you install a certain level of humidity even with room 25 sq m (but with the door open) in a heated room it is difficult to reach the level of 60-70% (what it is desirable for the child when he is sick). The downside for us was, though not bright, illumination of the humidifier and display; at night, I want to hide it or seal (not shone), the mute button no backlight. Very loud squeal when the button is pressed, even if pressed on the remote (the hope was that when using the remote, beeping). The remote control is not used (and it is not clear who needs it). Need clean water, we are lucky we have a water filter with reverse osmosis, but still need to wash every week (because there is "dirt"). The filter of the humidifier need to stand in salt water 24 hours (not 12 hours, as it is written in an adjacent review). The price is high in my opinion, analogs cheaper. But everything else is good, runs smoothly, its important to understand how to "work".

Dec 23, 2012 by

automatically turns off when running out of water, built in thermometer and hygrometer, display, doesn't leave any residue, ozone generator, nice lighting, quiet, comfortable grip on the tank

unable to cope with a large room, when you turn off emits a short beep when buttons are pressed it beeps

I bought this moisturizer with the baby. Liked the look and the average price (a little more than five thousand). Functions very good humidifier plus ionizer, timer for max 8 hours, the tank is 3.5 liters, blue backlight, remote control, long cord, 3 power, built-in hygrometer and thermometer, you can set the desired humidity level in percent. Everything works fine, no noise when working quietly (and very nice) pobulkivaet, like the sound of rain outside the window, falling asleep with him is very nice. Doesn't leave any residue, simply wash once a week the filter should lie in salt water for 12 hours. But!!! We have a large bedroom, approximately 65 sq m, and high ceilings 4ы, given the size of this humidifier need to Stoke it a few days without a break to achieve humidity 45%, and winter is very much stoked, he unfortunately is unable to cope, and to fill with new water every time over the old, tedious! Ozoniruet good, the room a pleasant freshness but the humidity is not at the level. For rooms smaller and ceilings lower. The console is not in use, but the remote is like a child )))) the TV remote for her, too big and heavy, and the humidifier remote small, six-month-old child the most ))))))) favorite toy ))))))

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