Moser 4416-0050

- Type: tongs

- The maximum heating temperature: 200 ° C


Dec 7, 2012 by

very fast heating, temperature control

time washed away the inscription

I already wrote about this firm I have a great hair dryer just based on that I thought to change and straighteners and I wrote I'm just excited about the Hairdryer no doubt buy-and-tongs with the same company!! I went as always to your favorite store where you can buy prof technique and found the pliers, they were some of the same firms without excess on winches!!!!The iron heats up quickly, easy to use, hair quickly stacked, in principle, which I enjoyed!!!! The only negative in a couple of years the paint from the iron and steel lettering to climb, and almost erased(((((A common model, reliable!!!!!

Sep 24, 2011 by

long, swivel cord, lightweight, very fast heating, made in Germany, temperature control

When it came time to choose a new pad, I've been looking for, read the reviews and decided to stay on a professional manufacturer. Found a good shop, but first I ordered Ga.Ma 1031, she did not came up and I changed to Moser and I was right!!!My hair is fine, slightly frizzy,brittle and therefore the most important for me is the temperature, it is adjustable from 80 to 200 degrees. Heats up instantly!Overall, we can say that the easiest no frills with a ceramic coating. I also want to add that the production of Germany, cord length 3 meters, heat resistant body with a rounded surface to create curls, it cost me 290, ordered stilistika.I really like the quality is excellent. Recommend!

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