Nikon Coolpix L120

- Optical Zoom: 21x

- Camera type: digital

- Size: 110x77x78 mm

- Maximum resolution: 4320 x 3240

- The type of matrix: СCD

- The total number of pixels: 14.48 million

- Flash: built-in, suppression of effect of red eyes


Jan 28, 2015 by

14.1 megapixels, 21 x zoom, neat and graceful appearance, flash, quality in good lighting, easy to use, the mode of continuous photography, good color scheme

no manual settings, drag the photo in dim lighting

Hi all!I want to introduce you my camera is a Nikon Coolpix L120 the appearance of the camera This camera I received as a gift from my mom 2 years ago.I liked it, you can make good pictures if you try. Comfortable, not heavy. There is a built-in flash. Good optical zoom of 21x.I'm not a professional, take pictures just for myself, so my opinion is subjective. Good for macro shooting. Portraits also good, and the scenery I'm really not good. Hands-hooks.Requires good lighting.There is a video mode, I don't use them, I can't say anything about it.Powered by 4 AA batteries. Sits quickly, in characteristics it is written that should be enough for 330 shots, in fact – about 200 pictures. Maybe I have a defective battery.Well, there is a protective cover on the lens. Dust, dirt, moisture is not terrible. Lens should be wiped with a special cloth to not damage it.It is easy to understand any person, it is very simple. I will not write much, just show images taken by camera Nikon Coolpix L120. Matricaria the number of pixels - 14.48 minchillo effective pixels - 14.1 mlnister - 1/2.3"Crop factor 5.62 Maximum resolution of 4320 x 3240 matrix - CD - 80 - 1600 ISO, Auto ISO Onassurance - ІЅ6400ы shamkirchay - estragon burst - estimer - estiverem timer - 2, 10 format frame (still image) - 4:3, 16:9 distance (35 mm equivalent to 25 - 525 morticelli Zoom - 21 - F3.1 - F5.8 lens - NIKKOR and LCD kranwinkel - otsutstvovala screen as a viewfinder, ESTEC-screen - 921000 pixels, 3 duimagambetova setting of shutter speed and aperture - netexposure - +/- 2 EV in increments of 1/3 stoppinforeclosureguide AF - activateservice face - estimonials shooting distance - 0.01 mothers function and osobennostyami Zoom 4ы vozmozhnostyami for statepressure and wasrather - 110x77x78 weight - 431 g with batteries photo taken by Nikon Coolpix L120 UPDATE!!!I wrote about the fact that I have a possible bad battery, so, the thing is that I chose the correct battery type in the settings.If you like my rechargeable batteries (can be recharge), then battery type in the settings you need to choose a COOLPIX (Ni-MH). The thing that batteries voltage = 1.2, and alkaline and lithium 1.5. Hopefully, someone will find it useful. Almost all my reviews are created by this camera. Thank you for your attention, my name is Olga!

Sep 25, 2014 by

21 x zoom, good colors

included no batteries in the bag will not fit

This camera I bought when the kids played with the old one. Somehow in India, it cost 5000 rubles. cheaper than the black, but it was two years ago. The husband immediately appreciated its size and photographed everything. The photos are great, but for me, its dimensions were less. Will not put it in a woman's handbag, and it is quite heavy in my opinion. carry it on your shoulder not very comfortable and the beauty adds. So I use it not often.If you choose the right shooting mode, you get wonderful pictures. There is also the auto tune for those who do not want to bother. Very good movie mode, especially if you put my memory stick( the memory is very small). It's all his positive qualities.But another disadvantage I think is That there is no battery. Or need to buy expensive batteries or to be changed frequently alkaline( Has a mode switch between rechargeable or alkaline). Just need four pieces. By the way the battery last us for a year and a half, with frequent recharges.In General therefore do not feel much pleasure from photography, unlike my husband, he unit is very happy and always carries around his neck ( perhaps the photographer feels. Will become smaller when I sell this.

Aug 3, 2014 by

14.1 megapixels, 21 x zoom, neat and graceful appearance, flash, high brightness, intelligent portrait, as good lighting, easy to use, good colors

no manual settings, drag the photo in dim lighting

Camera use 2.5 years. To say that it's just a good camera, - to say nothing! I can not mention super-zoom up to 21x!) and a great macro mode. In addition to macro, I liked the modes Fireworks, Sunset, Dusk/Dawn, Food and panorama mode. Flash is excellent. Your attention provided a few pictures I made for this model camera. Photo without any processing. The camera is not heavy, in a hand sits conveniently. Easy to use. In my opinion, the camera fully justifies its price. On the downside, the first thing to say is that fast movements are blurry, and the quality of pictures taken in the dark, not happy. Overall, I think this camera is a great choice for novice photographers. In short, I RECOMMEND!:)

Jul 20, 2014 by

14.1 megapixels, 21 x zoom, neat and elegant appearance, easy to use

sometimes not focusing

Nikon Coolpix L120 is a great camera. I'm not a photographer,and my hands are mildly "out of the place",but even I get quite a good photo. Use it with batteries Samsung Pleomax 2700.Would not advise to use it with batteries Space 2700 MAV the camera has many modes:Portrait;Landscape;Night portrait;party/landowner.;Beach;Snow;Sunset;Dusk/dawn;Night landscape;Macro;Food;Museum;Fireworks;Black-and-white copy;back Light;panorama;portrait of a pet. Besides them you can choose:Easy auto mode;Intelligence. photo;a Sport continuous, Auto mode The photo is terrible as it is made with Telefonaktiebolaget photos in two ways:you can turn the movie button,and you can lift and drop the button on the lens.Flash opens easily with the push of a button,next to which painted zipper.In the Department for connection of different devices has three connectors:HDMI,A/V OUT, DC IN 5.0 V. For connector A/V OUT included is a cord with which the camera can be connected to the computer.Operating the camera 4 batteries(I use the batteries-the batteries Pleomax 2700).In the Department for the batteries have the same connector for a memory card. The camera itself here are a few pictures taken of me.As I wrote-I'm not a photographer,and photo stuff.Photo taken in "Portrait"

Apr 4, 2014 by

My camera for two years,there was not one day goes by where I regret my purchase! During the operation there were no not ispravnosti. Find for a person who wants to engage in Amateur home photography. Clear and very easy to use if you are not versed in photography , accompanied by a book . A lot of different shooting modes . Charged batteries , ordinary particulier. I prefer to use batteries , as it considerably saves your money. 4 battery cost about 500 rubles , missing them for two years , only recently for all time bought a new.another significant advantage is the compactness of the camera

Oct 17, 2013 by

14.1 megapixels, high brightness, quality good lighting, easy to use, good colors

For digital camera Nikon coolpix L 120 is very good! Despite the fact that this is not a SLR camera! Excellent color reproduction,good sharpness,sometimes you can even get pictures on the mirror camera. I especially love the Macro mode in this camera,as it beautifully blurs the background in this mode! And macro get sharp and bright pictures! And if a strong movement in that mode obtained very clear photos,without blur,if with flash! Almost all of my reviews,where there is a photo taken with him! The video here is even better than the photo,if you shoot in intelligent mode,it turns without any noise,clear and smooth picture! Even on a mirrored camera I the video was much lower quality,with noise,although I live and do not understand particularly This camera is worth the money! It is easy to use and suitable for all! For Amateur photographers this is the best option,I think! But it may not be suitable for beginners and photographers,who then wish to upgrade to a SLR camera! Made in Indonesia!)Here are a few photos taken with him! I wish you all a successful and beautiful pictures! ***

Sep 13, 2013 by

14.1 megapixels, 21 x zoom, neat and graceful appearance, high brightness, good color scheme

in the evening the photo quality is not that day

This is my first camera. I was looking forward to when I buy it. On March 8, this miracle machine was mine. For two years use and not a bit disappointed in it. I was not expecting such quality. I don't even know what to call it - do not like "soap", but not "SLR". One of the advantages I would like to highlight:Cheap price. (And we lost)a Good zoom, the picture quality does not change when a significant approximation.Bright colorful colors. Excellent video quality (HD: 1280 x 720)Stylish design.The charge for a long time.( If the whole day constantly photographing and filming by the end of the day sit batteries, I use rechargeable batteries)a Good flash. Cons much less.Although I think it's the problem of all the unprofessional fotoapparaten photos in the evening as during the day.(If the day is clear and colorful photos on high that made the evening photos are indistinguishable from photos ordinary digital cameras)But this camera, I still recommend as for the price it's just otlichneishee quality.

Jul 7, 2013 by

14.1 megapixels, 21 x zoom, flash, smart portrait, easy to use, continuous photography, good color scheme

blurred photos in dim lighting

Convenience,quality,price,simplicity,design.Great zoom, excellent optics, ergonomics, resolution, 720p video camera, large display. Shooting landscape, Macro, portraits,plain and simple settings.Photos are very bright,vivid and most importantly quality.The camera is in active use for about 4-5 hours.During this time, you can make 500-600 shots,is very good.Great camera in terms of price and quality, shooting in macro mode is pleasantly surprising.Dvolno buying this machine.The picture quality is impressive:):)

Feb 10, 2013 by

Purchased Nikon L120 in the summer of 2011. Need to replace your old Olympus. On the usual small bar of soap to change its meaning was not, so the choice fell on the line of the Nikon superzoom. The number of MP - 14.1 and 21-fold zoom at the beginning captivated me, but this is only the beginning. The pictures are very "noisy", only the AUTO mode more or less. If you do not pay attention to the noise photo, it is possible to give them a good grade. Color reproduction is quite good. If you remove driving objects, the "Animals" to help you. Photos are clear. Video (unlike photo) impressed me. Filmed matinee at the child in the garden, everything is clear, face is not floating, the sound is perfectly written. 21 times zoom - an indispensable thing when shooting video!!!! A big drawback is the batteries. It was possible in such a device to put the battery, and not to mess around in with 4 rechargeable batteries, which quickly sit down. 1 photo: wanted to show "noise" 2 photo: by daylight Regis AUTO(photo great)

Nov 1, 2012 by

14.1 megapixels, 21 x zoom, neat and elegant appearance, smart portrait, easy to use, the continuous photography mode, smile mode, good color scheme

Nikon Coolpix L120 we bought a year and a half ago,chose carefully,and compared a lot of options,eventually settled on this camera seemed the best and did not regret it. The unit is decent, not going to rewrite the factory specifications, read on Yandex will tell about their experiences. Completely satisfied with the quality of pictures,good video,the first shot of a child on it until it was the camera,the sound is crisp,even on the street with little wind. The camera is not heavy,not bulky,very comfortable in the hand,is simple to operate, intuitive menu, almost all the settings automatically,many modes,how to shoot day and night and different functions, for example,it can warn you that someone has closed his eyes or takes the picture automatically in response to a smile. I take it everywhere with you,especially on vacation,lots of events, parties kids, pictures of almost all good quality,even with large approximation, the shooting distance or in motion. And if you shoot close,you can see every hair on his head.Colors all become real. Mainly use easy auto mode,indoors with flash,without it is not quite clear. To it just need a little bit to get used to,then we immediately know in what situation as better off. Of course,when buying is better to take a flash drive(memory is not enough, and the pictures get larger than 5 MB) and rechargeable batteries,as simple long popodaet,especially with flash. In General,the advantages many,disadvantages for a year and a half not found. Unless the cap from the lens need to be removed manually, could auto-shutter to attach. Well, this is so,with fat,of course,it does not spoil. I enclose a few photos taken in different conditions(traffic,outdoor, indoor),it is a pity that the site compresses them,but still quality can be assessed. Close-up shot. Macro. Macro. Macro.If you're interested,you can also see my review of the Digital photo frame Transcend PF830.

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