Nokia 2220 slide

- The amount of internal memory: 32 MB

- Housing type: slider

- Dimensions (Shmht): 47x97x16 mm

- The camera: 0.30 million pixels., 640x480

- Headphone Jack: 3.5 mm


Dec 31, 2010 by

in his work he will not fail

no bluetooth

perhaps I'll start with the cons. I don't need a phone with excellent camera - I have a good camera. I don't need a phone with more memory or even with the possibility of integration of memory - to me there is nothing to store, the music I listen to on the mp3 player. But! I really wouldn't mind at least nice to me ringtones. But I can not get - the phone has no Bluetooth, infrared port or connector for the wiring that connects the phone and PC. So communication with the outside world only through the Internet. BUT! Phone skillfully decimated by more expensive models with its design. really beautiful camera. Especially in purple and pink. Loud speaker,I heard the interlocutor perfectly, and what else is needed? The charge holds for a long time - 3-4 days.Summing up I can say that I would put 5 if it had Bluetooth. and so a solid 4

Dec 16, 2010 by

in his work he will not fail

Nokia 2220 slide my third phone and the best. The first truth is still in working condition,but the second has been in warranty repair. After the warranty all refused. Then paarse Nokia 2220 slide. Multifunctional is photos video camera radio games, you can record your favorite tunes. And at the same time it is simple in operation,and in the address book font two types,and you can watch in a convenient larger size. For phone at an inexpensive price it is very suitable,so if you need a phone and you offer Nokia 2220 slide look at is a good quality phone.

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