Nokia 2323 Classic

- The amount of internal memory: 32 MB

- Housing type: classic

- Dimensions (Shmht): 46x107x14 mm

- Headphone Jack: 2.5 mm


Mar 4, 2011 by

mp3 playback, high functionality, no camera, low cost, good battery, good design

little memory, a lot of small problems

Before this unit I use a Siemens, but the German production of mobile phones, turned, and with the death of my last device had to do a search that resulted in finding Nokia 2323. Is inexpensive, about two thousand, but it has all the necessary functions, that is, supports Java, has access to the Internet (EDGE or GPRS as with the receive location you're lucky) and play an mp3 as a ringtone. In contrast to standing on three more Nokia 2330 has a camera, but honestly, this camera is just a sham to overpay for him was reluctant, and the extra hole-the dust on the rear panel to anything. Among the shortcomings: very little memory - just 10 MB (although in the specifications of the phone is 32 MB) built-in mp3 player makes no sense, except how to listen to ringtones. A portion of memory occupied non-deletable symbols, sounds and software. Radio require headphones, despite the fact that a small deception - include a short adapter connector instead of the headphone gives excellent results, and you can listen through the speaker and, therefore, it would be possible to do without such a prerequisite.Periodically, the internal speaker starts to rattle, but on a permanent basis does not. To the dynamics of external complaints.The screen resolution is not very high - 120x160, but for small needs well enough. Of the programs running ICQ, reader, Opera mini (by the way, it's built into the phone as the main browser), some toys, calculator, Yandex-metro. Yandex-maps are installed, but for this model refuse to work for free. For connection to computer - Bluetooth (sorry, the wire for reasonable money to find it was complicated), which eliminates the possibility of flashing. And she could use the phone intermittently hangs with a white screen and does not respond, after which, however, usually myself included.The battery works pretty long day four or five when using only rare conversations, but a trip to another city (2.5 days, including two days on the road - travel outside the network, as is well known, rapidly discharges the battery) survives with difficulty only minimal use. Some sites do not load due to insufficient memory. No adjusting the brightness of the backlight, which again affects the battery life under heavy use. It is impossible to put melodies on individuals - only on groups, but the number of these groups is not limited.With all these shortcomings and problems as they put the phone four - all me all of the required functions it contains and their execution to cope, though not with a Bang, and the ratio quality-price is at a high level.

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