Nokia 2760

- The amount of internal memory: 11 MB

- Housing type: clamshell

- Dimensions (Shmht): 45x87x21 mm

- The camera: 0.30 million pixels., 640x480

- Headphone Jack: there


Aug 17, 2013 by

cheap, convenient

Nice, simple, and most importantly practical and affordable phone. While using only one gripe - the mounting of the screen. Came loose and that's frankly quite fly:( already Frayed plastic itself, so I think its repair to solve something useless. The truth and used it for 5 years, for sure. During this time - no crashes, shutdowns, glitches. Everything still works "from the box". Bought for mom, it was convenient to call, a little to press buttons, simple menu, high-quality and loud speaker for both calls and for incoming calls. Even supports mp3! is bluetooth to upload some ringtones:) Trifle, but this phone is especially nice! The battery holds a great, and in General the number by 5 points!

Aug 17, 2013 by

no internal memory

Hi all, I want to tell the story about his phone) I got it almost 6 years ago and in all that time with active and severe use (fell in the mud, in the water, in the snow, on the floor, the radio was broadcasting in the shower (high humidity) - no glitch, errors and especially the demand) And in such "emergencies" usually don't even turn off, as if nothing happened Advantages: + easy large buttons which does not erase coating and numbers (in a similar cots other brands they alloplast);+ very simple and intuitive menus, with no extra frills, but comfortable and will suit an elderly person or child, and not only that - the font can be increased in settings)+ for ordinary clamshell fully functional: SMS, MMS, Bluetooth, even online, which you can customize)+ reliable, from the creators of the indestructible Nokia But there are a few disadvantages - VERY small memory (26 MB) enough for 2 songs and a few pictures( And to expand it does not - do not have slots for memory cards( + bad camera and eventually decreases the capacity of the battery(But overall the phone is great, comfortable and reliable! Recommend)

Apr 15, 2013 by

cheap, convenient

Somehow I needed to purchase a mobile phone for rodstvennika. Requirements for the phone was named the most simple: it is better that it was a clamshell, easy to handle, to call, to send SMS, so the front side was visible clocks, that was a loud beep.That is needed a phone without the bells and whistles, so to speak, primitive design.Chosen was the Nokia 2760. The phone was Packed in a box, complete headphone, charger. The box is tiny, not like in most modern phones. The phone is sooo easy, so easy that it seems that in the hand of some plastic toy, not a functional unit (80). Opens and closes easily with one hand. Ringing loudly, and most importantly, provides hands-free calls (ie, the voice in the tube is heard quite loudly) that it is very important for hard of hearing people.Ringtone simple, but you can choose pleasant.Phone screen color, 1.9".The new phone has FM radio, it plays MP3, has Bluetooth, vozmojen watching videos. A primitive camera.Dimensions approximately 87 x 45 x 21 sapina book is designed for 500 entries.Overall the phone is good (if not to make excessive demands). Work properly, keeps charging, not buggy, in General, no complaints. You need to understand that this model is today outdated, but to simply call it is quite good.

Jan 6, 2013 by

cheap, convenient

The Nokia 2760 is used by my dad for several years now (previously used Siemens A52). The main characteristic of the purchase was the presence of Bluetooth (dad driver, constantly driving need to be connected using a headset). The phone is relatively inexpensive - about 3000-3500 rubles. To have regard to all important calls, sending SMS, it is possible to play MP3's, FM radio is also available, organizer, alarm clock etc. the Phone without any frills, but quite decent, has a comfortable (though bed). Is a few years faithfully. You can only recommend. Score 5 points.

Jan 18, 2012 by


not flash, no internal memory, no slot for memory cards, flip, inhibits

I have such a device at home.[Oh] is... Well, firstly it is raskrutka which the plume is bent and it should be changed as the battery charge. NO built-in memory! Well, except that be considered a memory of 2 megabytes of internal... it is not clear what it supports MP3. No stick! There is no memory! Display small! Housing just for the homeless idea. Not a phone but a complete lack of taste! The repair was 1 time. Warranty ran out and then died the plume was replaced with something like... Now would it flash but nothing! And he was just terribly slow... now imagine all this "iron" was worth 3800!!!!! In short, in your own words and say once for all... do NOT BUY!!!! Elbows will wreck it is a fact!

Nov 30, 2010 by

Wanted budget clamshell without any bloat. Predydushie my flip phone Nokia has served me faithfully for five years, so I decided to opt for this company. Model 2760 met all my requirements. I liked the design. The first two days I was very happy with the purchase. Pleasantly surprised by the camera, did not expect from it such images. But on the third day the phone just for no reason strayed set the date, time and user group. Installed them on the new, but after a few hours, again all lost. The store phone has changed, however had to wait three weeks while doing the examination. After a couple of months a new phone too, was sometimes reset the date and time, and then completely having a brain fart. Now in a mode "without sound" to hear the ringtone and it is very annoying, have to constantly turn the phone off. In recent days, it often hangs, but the phone is only a year. It's a shame that Nokia began to produce this stuff.

Nov 21, 2010 by

Bought in "the Messenger" for 3000r.Was really happy, because I wanted simple, basic no frills and a beautiful phone:)And I then received.Silver clamshell compact with a small, but a color screen.Even support ringtones there.However, with its small memory upload was only 1 melody:)I was Happy for a few months.At one point he just joined.Before that was the background.It hangs when trying to view incoming SMS.After reinstalling seemed to be all better, but then he completely passed out.The repair said it will cost 800R and they were not given a guarantee that he he 2 days later again will not break.So as much as I pity is not it, I threw it away:(very sorry

Nov 21, 2010 by

Camera bought, guided by the minimum requirements. To the Internet and a little bit of entertainment. I must say that this phone is fully consistent. The appearance is quite decent, and the case itself is sturdy - withstand the fall with a Bang, after a year of only a couple of scratches.Internal display, however, is not clarity and rich colors, 128x160 resolution, but the appearance is bright and easy. The menu is typical for S40 series. The camera, of course, not really, but its 0.3 MPX pull. The communication is normal, loud speaker. Radio catches not bad station, but only works with a headset. There is mp3 support, but due to the lack of memory card slot, the entire library is limited to a couple of songs and a few mp3 tunes. In General, a simple and inexpensive device with no complaints.

Oct 16, 2009 by

I bought a Nokia mobile phone 2760, this cool trundle bed! First, the large keys, very convenient to type texts, and secondly, a clamshell - don't need to block the keyboard from accidental clicks, and thirdly the Bluetooth and the camera in the fourth,bright internal and external screens, the top shows a closeup of the current time. Great colours:Burgundy, blue,gold and other colors is a flip phone. Simple, easy no-frills phone for those who need a phone to just make calls and send texts.

Oct 16, 2009 by

This phone I use already a floor of year. 've never had a convertible. But I quickly got used to use it. This phone is convenient to open and close even with one hand. And it is possible not to put the keypad lock, unlike the simple, not folding, of the phones, which is good news. Me phone need basically, so he called and sent-took a TEXT. But sometimes it doesn't hurt, photo camera, voice recorder, alarm clock and calculator. Well, and "Bluetooth" to transfer files is very convenient. This phone has all of the above. Also, love that when sending SMS, you can quickly find the desired destination. That is, if you often send messages to the same people, just add them to the list for sending SMS, and next time when you select a recipient, simply click 1 button to find the right person. In my previous phones, this function was not, had to scroll through the entire phone book. In General, I have this phone very happy with it!

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