Nokia X3-02

- The amount of internal memory: 50 MB

- Housing type: classic

- Dimensions (Shmht): 48.4x106.2x9.6 mm

- The camera: 5 million pixels., 2592x1944

- Headphone Jack: 3.5 mm


Mar 5, 2013 by

unlike Karyn ive had none of them issues i have found it to be a great phone 4 what it is yes the camera isnt the best or video 4 that matter an no gps is a dissapointment.But as far as durability goes its been 1 of the best ive owned ive dropped so many times and its never broken yet. One time i dropped it into a bucket of water retrieved it and it was still wrkn..... no phone ive eva dropped in water came out still powered up.The touch type functionality was great 4 me as i was new to touch screen.Its a good lil music player,u can surf the net though the small screen gets to be a pain.If i had to rate it out of ten i woul give it a 7/10 Overall for the price of the phone i rekon its a great lil phone

Jan 6, 2013 by

This is a great looking and feeling phone but would have to be the worst phone I have ever owned!!! I constantly had it in for repairs as it would just seem to drill down through the menus even though the screen was supposedly locked. I had to get the internet cut off as it would suddenly drill down to that screen and start using the internet which is not part of my plan. Or, how about the numerous times i have sent blank texts to people (it sent, unbeknowns to me, 18 in a row to my daughter's boyfriend!). The list goes on.... It is really hard to describe, but it you can feel a movement inside when it does this. On top of all this, people are always asking why i didn't answer the phone. It would be in my hand and wouldn't have rung, but then I get a missed call message. When you did get on, people would always complain that they couldn't hear me or that it sounded funny. Each time in repairs they said they upgraded the software but it had no effect. Finally, they gave me a "new" (recon) one. But the problems are still there and it is now out of warranty so can't do any more. Don't do it....don't buy one. Looks aren't everything. It looks and feels great but is really a bag of sh*t. I can't think of a worst phone.

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