NORD 271-010

- The total amount: 256 l

- The number of cameras: 2

- Color / Material coating: white / plastic


Nov 9, 2013 by

reliable, inexpensive, economical

After the failure of the old refrigerator the WORLD the purchase of a new has become a big necessity. During the inspection several models of refrigerators, the choice fell on NORD 271-010. Attention was drawn to good design and affordable price. The house he occupied a little room in the corner and the problem of preservation of food preservation was solved. The refrigerator runs quietly and is not afraid of the night . Built-in regulator cooling provides optimum temperature. Door with magnets ensures a snug fit and keeps the climate inside the chambers. The power is 220 Volts and consuming a small amount of current provides savings in the cost of funds for the payment of electricity.

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