Oster 616-91

- Beard trim: no

- Wet cleaning: no

- Number of nozzles: 2

- Number of length settings: 2


Mar 2, 2015 by

Oster 616.If You go to any hairdresser (especially if it is in the middle price category), You will definitely stumble on Oster 616. At least one master would be this machine, and likely any modern wireless and next to her is the unsightly brick – Oster. Choice hairdressers: the Barber every heard of "sharp", and most likely, held this miracle in his hands. First so appreciate this model is the perfect workhorse that will last You a very long time. I meet colleagues who are working 10-15-20 years on these cars. However, they do not require sharpening. 10 years and it's still! The second is banding. I have a little work in the field of hairdressing services, I can't tell you about all the details, but many artists like Oster for excellent edging. The entire head sheared wireless but finish it.Third – the price. For 2015, about 7 thousand rubles. Tell me how many? But in this price category, You will not find anything better. At the same time last year she was only 5 thousand rubles! Just fine. Cons:-It's heavy. This is a real brick weighing about half a kilogram. Not as critical if you need to cut one husband, and if you have a 3-10 men a day? It is not so rosy.-Wire. He climbs in the face of customers. In hairdressing "simpler" is still allowed, but if you go to an expensive salon, You are obviously not satisfied.-Price! I think it's plus and minus. Over 5 thousand roubles – it is gorgeous. 7 – she's just good.Even though I'm only starting to work, but machines have seen not a lot, especially sharp, with the noise of cars can't decide. The one that I have, almost silent, but the girls sometimes are very noisy, roaring straight into the entire hairdresser.Conclusion: Professional machine for Express professionals, for domestic use it is clearly not happening. Especially in light of recent price increases. This machine is configured with a large flow of men and for daily use. One of my first works!Do not judge strictly! Also I have recently occurred a rather unpleasant incident with 4(!!) machine Oster in the Industries of beauty.

Jan 28, 2015 by

in General, solid pros, long cord, reliable, quiet, comfortable

disadvantages neamarina

Hello fans of reviews)to Share with you impressions about the clippers Oster 616 ! I about it, the whole ode can write) so the machine is perfect for both home and for professional work. It can work all day without stopping, and it will not affect the quality of the haircut. It is quiet and powerful. At first she was a bit heavy, but then this feeling passed. It has a long cord that will not restrict your movement. The case is durable, I dropped it many times and nothing happened) included with it are 2 knife-edging and 2.5 mm) to Lubricate the knives I recommend this oil , and of course you want them to do cleaning with this tool and they will last you a very long time. Edging knife makes edging clear and removes unwanted hair on the neck. The speed of cutting is very good, even on thick hair. Nozzle not go, so I recommend to buy) I also want to note that it is possible to perfectly shave) This method is for the lazy or those who have no time for a full shaving with foam, etc.) Shave it almost like a machine due to the knife edging. After this shaving about irritation can forget) Checked on personal experience, and everyone who begins to shave the machine does not want to go back to the machine..) Try it and see!Of course I recommend her to all of you! Good shopping)

Jul 13, 2014 by


Hi All! Clipper OSTER 616 purchased (haven) on the positive reviews of my friends. As I needed a professional, reliable, therebecause clipper, then OSTER fell my choice! The price is 4200 RUB Me the machine is very necessary, not only for the house (to cut all the relatives), but also for work (in the barbershop). The model cuts hair - you can perform edging and trimming. Quiet running, vibrating, with removable knife. Her body is rubberized, weight - 560 g, the power machine - 9 watts. The kit gets 2 knife (stainless steel) framing and working, everything is easy and simple to remove with a brush for cleaning of knifes, the oil to lubricate the knives.Nozzles need to be purchased separately. The machine is a long cord, comfortable to hold it in my hand, to work with such a machine is a pleasure. Running on the network.Of course a bit heavy but I'm used to and the hand is not tired at work.Definitely recommend!

Dec 13, 2013 by

long cord, reliable, quiet, comfortable

I'm not a hairdresser. My husband works for the fire Department, according to the rules they must necessarily be short. A short haircut is the constant trips to the hairdresser, my husband quickly grow hair and 2 times a month they should be cut. I also have two sons, though they are still small, cut them also need to regularly. Counting the cost, I decided that it would be cheaper to buy a car and get a haircut himself. First, they wanted to save 2 times the same mistake - bought cheap cars for 1000-2000R. The result - well, they do nothing, the hair mesh, cut bad haircut turns into a torment. Later still came the decision to buy one, but good. It was a year ago.After consulting with the master, where to go to get a haircut she has acquired the Oster 616. By the way, the nozzle for him to complete don't go, must be purchased separately.The machine cuts well, all in one movement, hair not clogged. To create a regular haircut goes for 10-15 minutes. Runs pretty quiet. Here in this box we have there and stored Here is the attachments also fit Closer, we see a long, long cord, very convenient The button on the side, very conveniently located Summary: men of his haircut itself. Machine cost 4,500+nozzle about 200p.Conveniently, you can cut your hair at home at any time, no need to go anywhere. Pays for itself of course not fast, but for my family the purchase was justified.

Mar 11, 2012 by

1.5 years, works flawlessly, comfortable

1. pretty high price

Among hairdressers is a legend! I own a wagon master, and for me a quality machine means a lot. Oster 616 for me was a godsend. It has two removable knife work and framing. Just change, no screws to Unscrew is not necessary. So no problems with disinfection after each client. Just remove the blades and put in the UV sanitizer. The machine is wired, so no problems as the battery. The only negative - the nozzles in the kit are not included and must be purchased separately. Works loudly, if handled properly blade not Negrivoda. Not a strong vibration, not the misses:) Good quality haircut. In General, I recommend.

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