Oursson MP5010PSD

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- The volume: 5 l


Mar 2, 2014 by

quick and easy to clean, fast/tasty/beautiful, beautiful, easy to prepare recipes from the Internet, easy to clean, doesn't spit oil, comfortable

I don't like to cook on gas, all the time something burns, spits, shkvorchit, ugh. And in the oven it is necessary to prepare something big, otherwise why so much effort?Persuaded the family to buy a slow cooker after reading the recipe for them on the Internet. Without me chose Redmond M150, but I had to return it - did not work touchpad. Decided to take another manufacturer, and the girl consultant was advised by Oursson. I was wary - brand unknown, at least to me, but I had 2 weeks to return, so buy issued. And for good reason.This slow cooker is a miracle and salvation, nothing burns, does not boil over and not spitting. At all. Newly trained in her pasties - with gotovlje in the pot the whole kitchen would be in oil, but we all came out clean and tasty. Speaking of pasties, doughnuts, and other dishes - in the mode "roasting" a slow cooker can be kept open, which is very convenient when frying portions of the parties, besides a visible process. A small note, it warms better than some other slow cookers, so the time given in recipes should be reduced by 10-20 minutes.The body Oursson MP5010PSD/IV pretty ivory, but who cares about the color of kitchen appliances, whether it is pink/light green (these colors like there is in the line), the worse it becomes. Outside, not too hot, I crack the lid, but our all right. Of the recipes that I liked can call pork, Czech beer, pork in tomatoes (10 minutes before the recall was done cooking) and the chicken in orange sauce. Look yummy it turns out)the Price of pleasure - 7070 R. It is worth the money.

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