Panasonic ER407

- Wet cleaning: there

- Rotary engine: no


Feb 21, 2016 by

brand, availability, price, Davis a simple, handy tip, easy to hold in the hand, effectively removes hair

not included batteries, suitable only for cutting hair in the nose

This device I bought last year in the shops of "M. video" (my opinion on the store with links to other purchases can be found here), the cost at the time of purchase was 790 rubles, i.e. it is one of the simplest models that do not have attachments.My husband is already there and the clippers, and electric shaver, but the trimmer was not. In General, the need to trimmer occurs, not each of us, and only those people, whom nature has endowed with dense vegetation (my husband among them, though his ears no hair). Trimmer needed with the aim of removing excess hair in the nose. Included even not provided with the battery (one "AA" battery-powered), but it's not such a significant disadvantage (someone is using rechargeable batteries, someone always has in stock a set of batteries, because they are used everywhere), so one less battery, one more. Depending on the frequency of use, it'll last a long time (my husband uses once a month). The battery is located underneath the device. The device is compact, approximate dimensions: length 13 cm, width 2.5 cm, weight about 70 grams. (with the cap). Operates with little noise (not annoying, and from the next room almost inaudible). Cap or protective cover is important (important) first of all in order to inside of the blade does not hit foreign objects (dust, crumbs, etc.). The cap is transparent, dresses close, but no clicks, and after a long period of time can fly. Speed, as well as the on/off button. one, and the light indicator is not (and why should he?). If you Unscrew the top "nozzle" (the frame), it opens a container to collect the "debris" (small hairs) where the inner blade and the rod. By the way, the device can be washed in the water, but need to be dried carefully before use, and a compartment with a battery it is better not to touch, although also protected (however the case, I don't think to the extent You have stained, that is not enough, wipe with a dry or damp cloth). The hair removal procedure is essentially one of cutting, not pulling, so the pain does not happen. Notice that the husband "complained" to one small detail: the trimmer is not very good (not completely) removes hair from the inner side of the nose (where the partition between the nostrils), in other places, the hair cleans well (individual feature).The trimmer rests on a flat surface (can be put as in a horizontal position, and to put in vertikalnom).************************************************************************************************************************Podithou: as a base, this trimmer is quite suitable for its purpose (in this case, you only remove hair in the nose), so I will recommend it to those who do not need additional nozzles (for eyebrows, etc.).

Jan 3, 2015 by

comfortable to hold in hand

suitable only for cutting hair in the nose

Good day! Bought this trimmer for 850, appliances store, turned out to not really deshovom((( In online stores can be found for 500 rubles. Wanted I actually, universal trimmer that will fit M/F, but the consultant was very confusing, in the end, I became "happy" owner of a Panasonic nose trimmer ER407 - it even says "trimmer"!!! helpful information To use the entire family well, very deshovoe trimer without a company, family and tribe purchased somewhere in the Caucasus, but working properly until the last breath until the metal is in the hands not crumbled. He was raschesochka this and planned to buy, because well shaved, very clean! "Well, okay, bought bought, even though the nose cuts well" - I thought. "Him": made in China, runs on 1 AA battery, convenient to use. disassembled What I liked:- neat, obesity, lies comfortably in the hand;- the quality of plastic and metal that is decent, convenient kolpachok; the lid sits snugly. - stylish design;- easy to change the battery. What I did not like:- ONLY suitable for trimming nose; ringworm part of the trimmer - cuts "not clean", leaves 1-2 mm of the hair, so is ONLY suitable for men! Husband enjoys, not complaining...I'm going to buy another(((( .... so I went "trimmer"))))

Mar 22, 2013 by

availability, prices, handy tip, easy to hold in the hand, effectively removes hair

Increased hairiness on the ears is observed mainly in men. Of hairiness in the nose no one is immune, including representatives of the beautiful half of humanity. The only question is how much time are you and the others, to grow out of his nose the tangles. Experiments on himself, I of course did not hold, and always cut out the excess hair with scissors. The procedure is unpleasant and sometimes painful. Trimmer for trimming hair in nose and ears bought my husband myself( I once thought about buying it, since having this procedure rarely) . First decided to try I decided. I loved it! It is not painful, fast, and efficient (though humming loudly). My husband also was pleased with the purchase. The trimmer is easy to clean. Powered by a single battery, which is long enough.

Sep 7, 2012 by

availability prices, convenient nozzle

We all know that increased hairiness-a sign of great testosterone levels.That suffer men in the back doing depilation,chest shave,and nose hair pulled out!My ex always asked him on the ears to eliminate the hairiness,but the nose itself pincetto pulled.But it's a hell of a pain!Can't look at the suffering of a loved one,I bought him a trimmer.Well, he first povydelyvalsya,of course,say the hair will grow stronger,and then very like it this buzzing baby.The torment did not.Pain no.Beauty!When dispersed,it it first thing in the bag put This trimmer runs on AA battery.One speed,one nozzle.The nozzle is round,very comfortable(seen trimmers with attachments,like a knife,even scary in the nose to stick).Nozzle is removed,it can be washed.Buzzing pleasantly.Dark body is not dirty.For three years no problems have arisen.Not so long ago, gathered around the family table,watching his nose hair grow.And he's athletic,smart,always dressed to the nines,and then this mess with the nose!I bought him this device.Tomorrow will please the brother.Let beautiful is the price of the Panasonic 890 rubles. Bought in M-Video.Flavors for real men(no hair in his nose

May 5, 2012 by

not included the batteries

Note.Strange, I published my review under Trimmer from Panasonic 407" TM.And here is attached to Trimmer the Panasonic 407" TM, which indicates that this trimmer for eyebrows and depilator for intimate places.It is not suitable, and not suitable and not comfortable for these places.For the NOSE ONLY, well, a maximum for the EARS.Thus instructed by the Manufacturer.Yes, and in appearance it is evident that it is not good to use in the bikini area.What there is, sorry to use it?In terms of korotkovat, and not convenience.Paro is silent thickets.Coraci, the error in the title of the Bookmark.Looked here, 1 year later.What can I say?For the nose, again, the perfect thing.Sometimes tickles, and I want badly to scratch. But his work still does!Exactly cuts, even in hard-to-reach places, meaning, again, of the nose.

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