Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX3

- Optical Zoom: 2.50 x

- Camera type: digital

- Size: 109x60x27 mm

- Maximum resolution: 3648 x 2736

- The type of matrix: СCD

- The total number of pixels: 11.3 million

- Flash: built-in, suppression of effect of red-eye Shoe


Feb 21, 2011 by

Ben83, Sparkle and the rest of you who still can't decide for the camera you wanted, for God sake, if extra zoom is not important, just grab the LX3 for that £100 extra - trust me, the manual control options and image quality of LX3 is far more superior than the TZ7. TZ7 is also a good camera is you want a compact digicam with long zoom. LX3 can't offer you long zoom but the image quality and its ability in Low Light situation is much better than TZ7. Majority of Panasonic LX3 buyers are happy with the camera, that I knew for sure. Plus this model receive positive review from many websites, and yes no camera is perfect, there is always room for improvement, but I guest not many of us willing to pay more, right? For the others who tend to make comparison of Panasonic LX3 (or even Canon G10/G11/G12) with entry level DSLR, I think you are on the wrong end. Panasonic LX3, Canon G series (and also their high end S series - ie. S95), Nikon P600 & P700, Olympus XZ-1 or Samsung EX1 (to name a few that I knew) does not compete with those entry level DSLR. They are in the class of their own - "High End Compact" - targeted for advanced photographer or enthusiast though even the novice can use them with the "All Auto" function. I also own Panasonic LX3 and I am happy with it. I can use external flash and that is really something important for me. You don't have to buy the expensive Panasonic flash, I just use the cheap YongNuo YN-460 external flash (made in China) which I also use on my other camera as the trigger voltage is very low and safe - only 3.3v http://www.shewsbury.com/2010/10/panasonic-lx3.html With the 52mm adapter tube, I can do more fun and experiment using additional accessories for the LX3 - things like cheap filters and conversion lens. http://www.shewsbury.com/2010/10/pimp-my-lx3-58mm-digital-optics-20x.html I also use the LX3 for some insects Macro Photography with the help of Raynox MSN-202 Super Macro Conversion Lens http://www.shewsbury.com/2010/10/raynox-msn-202-macro-lens.html http://www.shewsbury.com/2010/11/macro-photos-using-raynox-msn-202-and_20.html I have DSLR, Canon EOS 1000D but I never bother to use the "Standard Lens-Kit of 18-55mm IS" - I only use this DSLR camera of mine with the Canon EF-50mm F/1.8 Mark II lens for certain special use (i.e. indoor photography). For any other "general purpose" or "standard" photography, the Panasonic LX3 become my "standard kit-lens" as it can produce the same good result within the 2.5x zoom range... in case you don't know, the "Standard Kit-Lens of 18-55mm" of Canon and Nikon DSLR lens are in fact offering only 3x zoom range (do the math 55/18 = 3.05) - so 2.5x and 3.0x is not a big different. The Leica lens on the Panasonic LX3 is much better if compared to the standard kit lens those standard kit-lens offered with most entry level DSLR camera - for example: "Canon EFS 18-55mm F/3.5-5.6 IS" And if I want long zoom for outdoor use, I can always use my Fujifilm HS10, the image quality is not great (if compared to LX3) but it does what it should and give the photo you want with that long zoom. I think the Panasonic FZ28 and FZ38 can give you better image quality but with slightly shorter zoom; http://www.shewsbury.com/2010/05/fujifilm-finepix-hs10.html Many people boasting that they have DSLR and their camera are better than the Panasonic LX3 - nothing much I can say about it, you get what you pay for. But there are also many people who talk big but they in fact only use the "standard kit-lens" with their DSLR and nothing else. Bottom line is, Panasonic LX3 and also the latest LX5 (or any other similar "High End Advance Compact") does not claimed that they can beat entry level DSLR, but they promised to deliver excellent image quality in the terms of "compact digicam" and provide some creative control options for those advance photographer - and on this ground they fulfill their promise accordingly at their price range. We can't expect to have good things to be cheap anyway.... there are reasons why Panasonic LX3/LX5 and their FZ series are made in Japan factory while the other Panasonic "low to mid range" camera models are made in China factory. I believe that the concept of "perfect camera" does not exist. There is always plus and minus, depending to the person who will use it. If you ask me, a perfect camera is maybe a camera in a small body of Fujifilm X100, with 20X zoom and that stabilizer thing, have Leica lens, can use F/2.0 at all zoom range, use those DSLR image sensor, good processing engine that can let you capture full resolution image at the speed of 24 fps, image at ISO 3,200 is still perfect, full manual control with many external buttons and so on.... surely this is just a fantasy and it will never be a reality. Even if by chance somebody make it, the price wont be cheap and we all complain again... So to all who love photography, have fun with what ever camera you have and God bless Trusted Review and all other website that provide camera reviews so that many people can just read and complains without the need to even buying the reviewed camera.... Cheers John http://www.shewsbury.com/

Jan 4, 2011 by

Hi, like a few others I'd like the chance to sweet talk some advice from people who know what they&#8217re talking about :) I&#8217m finding my current Canon SD780 IS rather limiting, thus want to upgrade. I&#8217m not looking for a new camera; as I&#8217d rather get more bang more my buck with a used model. I&#8217m keen to learn more about photography and want to pick a camera that I can grow into/with. Finally I&#8217m a seafarer by trade so need a light&#8217ish and durable camera that can travel the world and last. ATM I got it down to two options: this LX3 ~£220, or the cheaper DMC-TZ7 ~£120 (the extra zoom isn&#8217t so important). I guess I&#8217m asking if you think the LX3 is suitable and worth the £100 extra? Thanks Ben

Oct 26, 2010 by

@Mr Bongo - I wish you the very best of luck with your order from Simply Electronics. The web is literally groaning under the weight of negative reviews of this reseller, and personally, I would not order from them.

Oct 26, 2010 by

Hi Just ordered an LX3, Present cameras Ixus 60, love it, Panasonic DMC FS6, love that one too and Olympus 5050 zoom; disapointing. I will look forward to owning and using the LX3 £282.00 from 'Simply Electronics' Some of you reviewees just want it all and something for nothing; lighten up and take your anorak down the charity shop, or better still burn the b**y thing. I have gone by such reviews, as above to aid my choice, I realise you can't have it all in one piece of equipment; e.g. I rarely zoom up so 'big' zooms don't influence my choice; leica lens!! all that specification for a great price and I can put it in my pocket. I do adventure/cultural tours so pocketability is another factor. Perhaps I will write a performance blog about the LX3 in a while. ATB and enjoy your hobby. Mr Bongo

Jun 2, 2010 by

I agonised for ages before buying the LX3. Previously I had a Panasonic TZ5 and was so impressed I wanted to remain brand loyal. I was tempted to go for the TZ10 but wanted the wider angle, better lens etc. Quite annoying and a problem for other people seems to have is all the shots seem too dark, far too dark. The only solution seems to be increase the general exposure by 1/3. Another design floor is the flimsy lens caps held on with string! Hardly the finishing touch to such an expensive camera. The lack of zoom did concern me but having used it for a month or so I have to say I don't miss it. Still getting used to the camera and have to say not certain I shouldn't have gone for TZ10.

May 20, 2010 by

@ sparkle and ChrisC. Check out the Panasonic DMC-TZ7, there's a review of it on this site.

May 14, 2010 by

I'm in the same position as you Sparkle! I really like the LX3 for it's photo quality, build quality, wide angle & low light performance, but the only thing that puts me off is the short zoom (but then you can always 'get closer' I suppose!). I like the look of the Sony HX5, it's got an almost as wide angle lens & a useful zoom, but then there are small comprises in terms of image quality, which I probably couldn't tell the difference between anyway, so it's a psychological issues more than anything! So for me it's between the LX3 and the HX5.

May 12, 2010 by

hi can anyone help!! I've been looking endlessly at the various types of cameras ranging from the compact - Sony CyperShot HX6, cannon PowerShot SX210, Lumix TZ10 & Lumix LX3. Bridge cameras- Nikon coolpix P100, Cannon G11 SLR Lumix G1 & GH1, Cannon EOS 550D Nikon D90 ...saying i'm confused is an understatement... I'm basically after a camera that i can take on holiday and family events... I tend to zoom quite a bit whilst on holiday, a wide angled lens would be preferable for when i take landscape shots without it loosing depth and clarity. Any recommendations would be really appreciated!! Thanks :)

Apr 16, 2010 by

digibug. Thanks for the advice. I'll check out the models you mention.

Apr 14, 2010 by

G Hell. The only camera I can think of that fits your requirements is the ixus980/SD990. Anything else has a larger body than the LX3. The ixus is small, has good image quality and has a viewfinder. Although no wide angle. If you can stand something bigger than the LX3, then the G10/G11 are probably your best bet.

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