Philips GC310/35

- Water tank: 0.06 l

- The time of heating the water: 1 min


Apr 14, 2016 by

fairly long cord, takes up little space, does not damage the fabric, stripped of even the nastiest tissue, effective iron

it is possible to burn yourself when Ironing long tired arm, accidentally hit the button

In order not to lose One of the best inventions of all time! Tell in the beginning about the technical characteristics and functions, and then about how I have lived for a year.This steam generator - steamer consumes a power of about 1000 W, cord length 2 m decent, tank capacity 60 ml, as it is quite transparent so we can see how much water is left, the Time pair as promised in 45 seconds, Continuous steam 20 g/min, A: a loop power Indicator, overheat protection; brush, test the water in your faucet, all kinds of documentation.What device isn't? A self-cleaning system, rotation of the cord Indicator steam, antiscale.Weight 500 g. steamers Cost more than 2000 rubles. in 2015, a year of life working, not broke. Uncomfortable in this is that when you steamer is held in the hand and want to change clothes, accidentally click on the steam release, and thus can get burnt. Also, this tank is not to be missed on a man's shirt, the 62-th size, TESTED! Personally, I have enough 60 ml on two blouses 44-th size and one skirt 46. The device requires care and attention. So if you're pouring water from the tap(and if you have it still and hard what the test says), the steamer you will not live long. She noticed when I didn't have distilled water, poured from the tap and from these holes after some time went par with the scum that leave stains on clothes. In General, it is an indispensable thing! Especially if you urgently need somewhere to go, and wait for the iron to heat up, no time; took, poured, waited 30 seconds and been stripped in just a couple of minute ( depending on the area of fabric) and you will be sure not to burn your favorite blouse. Quickly, qualitatively, conveniently almost

Mar 8, 2015 by

Hello everyone!!! And Dear Girls on this beautiful day of MARCH 8)))This little device I bought I can say spontaneously - although after the withdrawal of one girl on this site - decided that I need it!!! But the purchase was postponed.....until not put up a new curtain that hung in waves and didn't want to level off and hurting my eyes - a stroke of 7 meters of tulle and I do not really like - I guess I would have just burned down and THERE IN search of the steamer I began to surf the sites - in the shops with no choice.... As the product - which is in the Crimea now imported problematic....And then my eye caught the steamer - Philips GC 310/35 - Yes, and at a great price in 2490 rubles, and now this !!! when prices rose in 2-3 times. I place an order in the online shop - and ran the next day to pick up at a local store because it is in one copy was available. And there was another model of Philips GC 320/25 - 4010. (all this prices online store) When he came to take surprised prices because the steamer I wanted to buy / booked in the store was worth 5200 roubles - and I could have it for 2490 RUB And the second Philips GC 320/25 (which differed from the first model only power 1200w), I of course compare both - but to pay 1500 RUB for a little more power (way more powerful that when you turn spitting water ) did not and stopped still on the model 1000 w/ Philips GC 310/35 / 2490 RUB. Came home and started to test - first tested tulle - she honestly had some trouble... but still been stripped of almost all the creases and was pretty - that iron!!! then set your stuff basically it is sending Ali all blouses and dresses and blouses - which had not got around to stroke... Steamer - I liked it, though there is a small minus is a small water tank in 60 ml. - often have to disable and fill .... But there are also pluses+ It is compact - you can use it anywhere and even take it with you - he is little more than a standard dryer....+ Very quickly switched almost immediately ready for operation.+ The cord is 2 meters, which is not bad. there are specials. nozzle brush - but I have not tried it... and so all my t-shirts, blouses dresses and tops stripped CHEERS!!!! - I'm mad happy - it takes very little time, compared with the same Ironing - I stripped in the bathroom - front charges to work... after Stripping, things are a little wet so you need to give them 10-15 min. drying)))) Highly recommend and I regret not having bought it sooner... of Course stationary steamer - it's all great stuff - probably get him eventually - but who has ever been stripped blouses or dresses with delicate fabrics - iron do not want to see, although some things still just need iron and steamer will not replace. ... And here's what I got)))) to during after to after to after

Jun 16, 2014 by

takes up little space

- the high price ends quickly, the water in the tank, badly stripped

Steamer Philips acquired mother in law. For reviews chose this, although the price is not the smallest. From the pros: takes up little space and do not need to have an Ironing Board... perhaps the pros on this end.The first minus - small water tank, enough for one little thing-type t-shirts. Second, do not cope with their direct tasks have not been using fabric! The first test was on a summer knit dress - after a long steaming, it was humid, but it's still not perfectly smooth (has been pressed on hanger). The second test had thin curtains - it seemed easier! After washing the shower curtain is not so wrinkled, so still folds steamer is not removed!!! Coped a little better with more dense curtains of synthetic material. Honestly, after this experience on cotton did not already to test this unit. If you are thinking, I will add a review.The result - an absolute disappointment!

May 6, 2014 by

takes up little space, suitable for even the most delicate fabrics, ease of management, ease of use

- the high price ends quickly, the water in the tank

Steamer Philips Steam&Go GC310 bought last year in the Subway on the stock and recently had to hang new curtains. Hanging tulle at the window decided to try the steamer with her, he failed, no matter how much I fought , but it remained wrinkled. In the end, tulle ironed. Decided not to give up, hanging curtains went back to try ! And OOO miracle! Creases began to smooth out ! In the end, the curtains I ironed very quickly saving a lot of time. The steamer I'm pretty , I use them for curtains, very convenient to steam the dresses , not afraid to spoil them. The rest of the clothes I have and continue to iron .

Mar 19, 2014 by

The idea to buy the steamer pursued me for 2 months. But it was stopped by the large size stationary steamers. Learning about my doubts, a colleague advised me to pay attention to the manual model. And then I began to study online, our site including I liked the reviews. Quickly ordered my Filips for 2690. + shipping 150 p= 2840 R. Description of "gadget": 1) Comfortable and high quality in appearance, a good a grounding type plug, effective brush for removing hair-dust; 2) Small water tank. Short coat had one portion. The shirt of jeans 0,5 capacity; 3) Convenient function that the process stops immediately as soon as you stop pushing the button, the device is not heated almost. even the panel where is the steam does not burn our hands. 4) Calmly took the corners of the garment at a distance of 5 cm, burned, steam penetrates into the fabric directly, but still be careful. CONCLUSIONS PHOTOS: My stuff was already pre-pressed, but after 1 socks required them to refresh. Immediately after washing the steamer bad coped with the task. 1) Dress composition 50% viscose 50% synthetic fibers: Rigid folds have not been stripped of their doorsteps, but the appearance has improved, can not re-perekleivat. Time: 6 minutes all dress; 2) denim Shirt 100% cotton: there was already wear and too wrinkled at the bends in the elbows. Smoothed well with iron out before about the same. Time: 3 minutes; 3) cashmere Coat, wore a year - never ironed. Refreshed and basically happy. The pile is raised, the elbow folds look smoother (but not perfect). To not have time to take pictures, got carried away... 4) Even patted baby dress is made of chiffon if on a 5 - point scale on 4-ku. In comparison with iron. It after washing. I think for summer things, which are constantly stroking blur is just great, 5 minutes - ready!!! If in a hurry and not up to a perfect Ironing, a very good new friend of ours, welcome!!! All of successful purchases! IN THE SPRING YOU!

Feb 15, 2014 by

takes up little space, does not damage fabric, suitable for even the most delicate fabrics, ease of management, ease of use

quickly running out of water in the tank

I bought a steamer in order to iron school clothes son,long chose,read reviews.Realizing that a large steam generator of the type of vacuum cleaner is much more powerful and can perfectly well sprawled its job,but this is a manual steam generator from Philips I am not at all disappointed.Suit as good as new!The only disadvantage-need to pour water into the container.Otherwise some advantages-convenient,easy,perfectly stripped,maybe not all of the fabric(tried the organza Pat-not rolling,with what I wanted from him,he did a great job!

Feb 7, 2014 by

takes up little space, does not damage fabric, suitable for even the most delicate fabrics, ease of management, ease of use

- the high price

I have somehow not developed relationships with regular household irons. Attempts to iron clothes, usually end with injuries and other troubles in the form of damaged tissue. Watched the steamers of various forms and sizes not long ago, my choice fell on Philips GC 310. So what, and the choice of technology, I'm VERY responsible. Was read a lot of material, as on the official website of Philips and third-party resources. There was plenty of video, and that was the main reason for purchase. So. What the manufacturer promises... And promises nothing =) Just indicates key features:Instant removal of wrinkles (well, not this specifically instant)Brush for excellent final result (did not see in it sense, but as it turned out, she collects unattached hairs steam)Fast heat up, 45 seconds, really not so long)it's Easy to use, filled it with water, plugged in, pressed the button pairs have gone, the button released - steam = no) )Ironing Board is not needed (for me this is a HUGE plus)Removable water tank is convenient to fill (the hole is small, but the stream from a pitcher regularly gets into it)Ergonomic design for convenience (+)Safe for all fabrics (how many times I burned and deformed fabric irons that soar to me is the true relief)is Perfect for such delicate fabrics as silk and caseirasbrasil fairly lightweight, compact, made of quality plastic material and assembled well. Poor equipment: steamer, brush attachment and instruction (safely lost in the bowels of house ) The main Gerovital poured into a 60ml reservoir, which is enough for me 3 things are not the thickest fabric. In other reviews they talk about the danger of a burn, but on the box and in the instructions: "do Not bring a hand to a couple closer than 20cm" reluctantly checked out, but at this distance I felt a warm humidity. They can steam things only in the vertical position, but laying on the surface in any - not disconnecting from the socket - with pressed button. You need to understand that the electric pump pumps and heats the water only when the mechanical signal, in other cases it lies dormant and can be safely put on a chair to change a thing for steaming.Does not occupy much space and calmly stored in your underwear drawer =) The indicator light turned listeningreading element is somewhere closer to the top and using the handle is not heated.To opinion conducted a quick test at home robe 100% cotton. Podobatymetsya has only one side for clarity (like what is seen =) ) The right side Ocarina The right side Ocarina 2 =)Of the disadvantages are high price. Bought in local China for 3200 =(Thank you for your attention! =)

Sep 10, 2013 by

fairly long cord, takes up little space, does not damage the fabric, ease of management

quickly running out of water in the tank, badly stripped

Oh, it's something!)) Bought the steamer in the hope that before leaving for work I quickly stripped shirt, trousers, not bothered with ripping off the Ironing Board and iron. In the end I chose one of the expensive steamers (about 3 thousand), in nice box labeled number 1 (but then saw that it belonged to the trade mark Philips, and not specifically to this device). So what we have: a beautiful, heavy. Lord. Read the instructions carefully! I did not pay attention that there are black and white, napsano – stripped ONLY if kept vertically all the time. Without exception. So you want to change otpaivaem thing to the next and YOU CAN'T steamer is somewhere to put or place!!! He immediately ninet beep – such a terrible racket that it works without water and is going to burn. And you're like a monkey trying to hang another thing or pull the cord out of the socket trying to hold the other's hand or knee a miracle device (rather cumbersome) vertically!!!! This is the first. Second – the manual says that stripped ONLY if you stretch the fabric – it is 200% true – if you STRONGLY free hand had managed to stretch the fabric. the effect generally will not. My feeling is a very weak iron, and all that is written is good about it is the advertising figures. Yes, forgot to say purely constructive details – the case is not well built, the button is wobbly – he periodically vkyuchaya-off from this, Croce horror((( he stripped the tiny wrinkles on the delicate tissues fact. Removes a little smell when atpart jackets. Here's what I'll use. Pairs weak. There is no adjustment. Tank is barely enough for 1 shirts.don't make my mistake with the purchase( bought on E5 where supposedly had good reviews((((

Aug 21, 2013 by

fairly long cord, reasonable price, takes up little space, does not damage the fabric, perfectly smoothes clothes, suitable for even the most delicate fabrics, ease of management, ease of use

quickly running out of water in the tank and you could burn yourself

Honestly, I used to think that the steamer is a waste of money (because iron is better!)Would never have bought it if I saw it in action. The mother gave birthday, and I decided to try out the miracle thing on your dress. The result exceeded all my expectations! Dress is smoothed out in seconds! Very convenient and easy to use, smooth even the most stubborn wrinkles! People, this is better than iron! Now I totally can't get enough of the steamer, all the while looking for something else to steam))is Quite powerful and a budget model (about 2400r.), takes up little space. You need to pour into the tank of water and after 10-15 seconds the steamer is ready for operation.To use it you need a thing to hang on a hanger and gently pull the fabric. The steamer operates in an upright position.The easiest way smooth cotton fabric - only 1 time to conduct a steamer and voila! You can steam even the most delicate fabrics and don't be afraid to spoil the clothes can be stripped and outerwear (jackets, coats, etc.). For dense fabrics, the set includes a brush attachment.Of the minuses can be noted that the water in the tank ends quickly. By the way, after each use you must empty.Even the appliance becomes very hot and not safe. You can burn yourself, so you can't stick your hands under the steam jet. Add a review: recently, the steamer helped us quickly and efficiently to gather to the wedding))) to Steam my husband's shirt was easy fast and simple! Very pleased, thank you Philips! Previously, just couldn't stand to iron a shirt!

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