Philips HC9450

- Number of nozzles: 3

- Number of length settings: 400

- Rotary engine: no


Jul 3, 2015 by

400 units length, streamlined shape, works as a cord and charging, touch screen, stylish, cuts efficiently, not udelyvaet hair, quiet, memory function, ergonomic

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I will say this: very happy!To this machine I did not think about firms and nozzles , was the machine and is quite happy with me, but one day she broke down and went to the world of broken equipment. Of course at first I thought so many things, tips , touch, placing nozzles in millimeters, but very quickly I this all used to and can not imagine before that there was only one head and all. I polled myself, hair grow very fast and by this time in two weeks to get this miracle of technology. Height adjustment is simple with the ability to store three positions on each nozzle. Is virtually silent, cut his youngest daughter one year old, she don't understand this. everything is exactly. Hair does not cling and does not vyderaet, this is important, because first of all it should cut well. The sound of the extension nozzle is very cool! Stylish technique and quality haircut!!

Jul 3, 2015 by

400 units length, streamlined shape, works as a cord and charging self-sharpening blades, multi-touch screen, the cuts are high quality, not udelyvaet hair, memory function

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Buying a new clipper hair was a necessity. Old typewriter,by the way also Philips served us 5-6 years, but, to our deepest regret, more do not want to work. But since she worked for a long time, I decided not to risk it and a new machine to purchase the same company, the only model to choose new and more functional. To choice new cars, we went over very thoroughly. Looked at different models, but came to the conclusion that clipper hair Philips HC9450 us.And now use for two months. Machine is worth every ruble spent on its purchase. The device operates quietly, and cuts evenly. Comb smoothly moves, the sensor operates from a weak touch in a memory function of length, and we loved it. And of course, I would like to note that successfully implemented the function to select the length of the hair, no need to change a bunch of attachments, to determine desired length. Once selecting what you want, this miracle machine remembers the settings and saves them all the time. The stride length of the machine is 0.1 mm, i.e. you can easily choose the ideal in terms of length( our last machine, the step was 1 mm). The machine is energy efficient, in the sense that the charging time is only 1 hour and a working time of 2 hours offline. And of course, modern design, great shape and titanium blades that are sharpened by themselves, eliminating the need to carry out any maintenance. Instruction in the Russian language shall be attached to the device and everything is accessible and clearly explained what to do. I'm sure the possibilities of this miracle machine will surprise you!The machine works fine! Cuts evenly and smoothly. You can do a haircut, which not every salon will do!

Jul 1, 2015 by

the streamlined shape, working from both the cord and the charging, self-sharpening blades, multi-touch screen, memory function

Good day!Since purchasing this machine it took more than two months, but the pleasure from using it I get every time I take it in your hands. Sits in the hand like a glove, but the rear surface would not hurt to add the gummed or rubber elements. Knives sharp and self-sharpening (Titan!!!), hair cut the first time. One, maximum two passes and not a single "antenna". The main advantage over other cars is, of course, touch panel for setting the length haircuts with step (ATTENTION!) one-tenth of a millimeter, futuristic design. A set of three nozzles, charger, and cleaning brush. Cover for storage no, sorry... the Device requires no oiling and no sharpening. that is, any intervention in the "internal" is not required.With a full charge cut three friends)))) a Full charge is stated by the manufacturer for 1 hour and work 2 hours. So there is - checked personally! Overall, very satisfied! Leaves a pleasant tactile feel, quality materials, functionality, touch panel, memory function!! in General, a lot of things and most importantly! on Pyaterochka plus cope with a haircut in all places))) In General, I recommend! You will not regret.

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